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Neopets Beta: 0.4.8 Release Notes!

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A long overdue Beta update is here bringing three new games, world maps for various locations in Neopia and the return of random events!
Note: you can not currently earn Neopoints from playing these newly released games, however it is scheduled to be fixed this week.

New in this update:

The next release is hoping to bring us more maps, pet slots and a brand new look for the Advent Calendar. Look for this update around the holidays. 

Full release notes here.

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8 hours ago, hrtbrk said:

Random events will now appear on Beta pages.

This is sort of bittersweet .. I'm used to refreshing on my Beta pages with no fear for my items .. but on the other hand .. Yay REs !

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I like to hope that REs being site-wide once more will mean that the Faerie Quest event can happen now, though probably not before its regular calendar slot.

I got two on two consecutive pages on the boards: ghosts took money from me, and an inconsequential one

New look Advent Calendar? Not liking the sound of that, are you? :worried:

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