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The Runway Votes #132

Choose your favourite entries  

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It's time to vote for your favourite entries again! :D 

Important note: Voting for yourself is NOT allowed. Doing so will result in disqualification. Please double check your votes before submitting them, to avoid mistakes, because they can't be changed afterwards.

Current theme: Dynamic Duos
Description: You'll have to create 2 entries this time: one for each half of a famous duo.
They can be partners, friends, a couple.. They can be fictional, or real people. I'm not picky. Just two people (or puppets, or creatures, or... whatever) that work well together - and are specifically known to work as a duo/couple.* Preferably somewhat well-known (or at least easy to Google). 😉 
Entering period: Monday, September 13 - Sunday, September 26
Voting period: Monday, September 27 - Sunday, October 3

Be sure to check out the links to the animated entries, although with Flash gone (and pre-HTML5 conversion) you'll only be able to see the still image. (Still worth checking out, as it'll be bigger than the one in the thread, so you'll be able to see more details on it.)


Voting is now officially closed! And the winners are...

1st Place


Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson

runway132-firstplace1.png   runway132-firstplace2.png


2nd Place (1)


Batman & Robin

runway132-secondplace1a.png   runway132-secondplace1b.png


2nd Place (2)


Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star

runway132-secondplace2a.png   runway132-secondplace2b.png


3rd Place (1)


Corpse Bride

runway132-thirdplace1a.png   runway132-thirdplace1b.png


3rd Place (1)


Howl and Sophie

runway132-thirdplace2a.png   runway132-thirdplace2b.png



Angeló The Enabler

Superman Lois Lane

Angelo-132-1.png   Angelo-132-2.png

Animation links: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2414198



Batman & Robin

memyselfandty-132-1.png   memyselfandty-132-2.png

Animation links: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2414211
"Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, BATMAN! (and Robin!)"



Corpse Bride

Singledwish-132-1.png   Singledwish-132-2.png

Animation links: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1737131
"Emily the Corpse Bride and her living groom, Victor. Not your traditional meet cute, but if the ring fits..."



Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star

Glitchtale-Lover-132-1.png   Glitchtale-Lover-132-2.png

Animation links: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2415765
"Now that Spongebob and Patrick are "men", they know they can get through this trench, and get the crown from Shell City! (Even if the trench is filled with hideous, disgusting monsters...)"



Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson

Tay-Allen-132-1.png   Tay-Allen-132-2.png

Animation links: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2416510
"The investigative duo, Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr. John H. Watson, work day in and day out solving crimes both from the dark alleyways of London and their cluttered office, hunting down the elusive Professor Moriarty."



Howl and Sophie

Lemon-Toner-132-1.png   Lemon-Toner-132-2.png

Animation links: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2421349


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I never managed to enter in the end. ;___; I was trying for a SpongeBob entry too, so kudos to entry four for succeeding with that!

We'd have ended up with a SpongeBob-off! gnorbu_green_box.gif

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Just looking through these again and I'm so mad at myself for not managing my own entry. My voting this time hasn't been overly helpful as I voted for everyone 😅 they're all so good.

I wonder who I could have come up with for a different duo though... because Howl and Sophie was the only other possible my brain provided me with, I was kicking myself, repeatedly, when I saw the entries. x'D

On 9/28/2021 at 11:23 PM, GlitchtaleLover said:

Glad I was able to recognize them all this time

Me too! :D

Some time later...

Huh, and now, NOW, I find inspiration! So here you go, here's my entry... :upsidedown: Storm and Wolverine

300.png 300.png

Pretty tough finding a pet for him, because both the hair and the claws display so differently on different species, also tough finding a background that worked with the overall vibe, and the claw didn't just blend into.

SO tempted by the Kacheek, simply because it looks so ridiculous. 🤣

300.png the claw just wasn't cutting it though *groan* sorry... I'll get my coat... :blush:

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So I was looking at the votes, because I wanted to start closing the round, and...


a four-way tie for second place??? Seriously??? 😂

I always dread closing rounds with ties anyway (the editing software of this message board is not kind to aligning text and images), but a four-way tie in a round with two entries per person?!? 😱😱😱

Even if I "break" the tie, I'd end up either with a 3-way tie for 3rd place, or two 2-way ties. (Or even more, if I'd vote for #1 as well.) 😆😂

I... I'm going to wait a bit to see if we get any more votes (and also try to think of a good way to close this round), so there's a good chance I won't close it today.

My apologies!


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Okay, so I (somewhat) accidentally left this open the entire week, and I guess the tie is slightly less horrible than it was a week ago. 😂

I guess I'll just have to deal with it, because it's obvious that everybody loved all the entries this round (and rightfully so). 😁

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13 minutes ago, memyselfandty_13 said:

Congrats everyone! And a special congratulations to jellysundae whose Delightful Draik got to stay on the homepage for a whole month! 😂

What can I say? 😘


Well done everyone, and thank you for such great entries this round!


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