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Happy Chia Day!

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I personally find Chia's one of the most ugly creatures to grace Neopia... but I like the rushing wave of the hair, even if I am never going to get one. The only ones that are actually cute are the vegetable and fruit ones!!

II like that outfit and think the face mask is really cool, although it would be better if it were two layered items - the shawl and the mask separately. It's quite creepy though and I love the detail on the mask!

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1 hour ago, Secre said:

I personally find Chia's one of the most ugly creatures to grace Neopia...

I don't like Chias that much either but I remember doing an outfit with one that I enjoyed doing (I even think it was for the Runway

I love that species-specific outfit! 🐺



It's not "bad" but the 2 arms are different in texture. One has water dripping and the other is flat... 



I like the coloring of it. I think the shoes are a bit too much. It'd be nice if the mask would be separated from the hood, in my opinion. 

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NOPE NOPE NOPE. :hmmph: Colour that Chia orange and it's the Cheeto; it's the hair and the shape of the mouth, it just needs screwed up tantrum eyes goin' on...

Trying to look at that objectively, it looks far more like stone than water; definite more marble-veining than anything else for me, though that is pretty consistent with a lot of the Water pets. This one in particular it's just random lines going all over the place, the artist hasn't even tried to make it look like fluid.

image.png.6a0467f0c0931c215415a35e6192e556.pngThis one managed it. image.png.c939dc6d0268267852c6b57de431edd8.pngSee the huge difference? There's a bit on the front foot there that doesn't look too bad...

That outfit's bizarre. At least, the mask makes it seem so, without that it looks pretty good. I really like the colour palette that's been used. It's a really big shame the mask wasn't drawn separately so the hood could be used independently.

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i actually really dig the outfit? it reminds me of the tuskens too!! or like, fantasy cultist. only problem is that the hair is sticking through the hood??? i hate it when they have outfits do that.

i also hate chias, i actually ranked all the neopets once and they were in the bottom tier lol

the colour is... it looks the the embodiment of every surfer ive ever met, so am cringing so hard just looking at it, but without that baggage it's fine

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Okay, I really hate Chias, I think they`re really ugly and I don`t care for them (there are a couple of fruit/veg ones I like, but they`re the only exceptions) but this Water Chia is very well done! It looks so fluid and liquid-y, I love the splash in place of hair, it looks amazing.

The outfit... I don`t get it. Is it based on something specific, it is a reference to something? Especially the mask (or scroll, cloth whatever it is) that`s covering the face and front looks very strange and gives the whole pet an unnerving look in my opinion. Also, it looks weird with the hair poking out from behind the clothes.

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