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Happy Zafara Day!

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the colour's cute, i love the straw hair! and the two difference shades of burlap solves the problem a lot of zafaras have where their limbs blend into their bodies.

and that hat........... it gets the FANCY HAT seal of approval from me. :thumbsup:

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That outfit is perfection. Like, seriously. Perfection. Goes perfectly with Shadow as well. I'm probably going to ditch my Flotsam and go for it. I was trying to get rid of my pets that had numbers and/or underscores anyway.

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2 hours ago, Angeló said:

I love Burlap even though its much more tattered than previous pets 

Outfit reminds me of Dr Facilier image.jpeg.f3116608b2d3b8774aa58d238256c8fe.jpeg 

So I'm not the only one seeing the resemblance? Now we just need a pair of Quiggles for Tiana and Naveen.

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Burlap!! TNT seemingly can not go wrong with this colour, they`ve really nailed it with every pet so far. :D The Zafara has good detail and texture, looks great.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the outfit!!! The details, the colours, THE HAT! Love all of it, even the skull mask/face paint, it works weirdly well with the Zafaras huge eyes, lol. Dr. Facilier from Disney`s The Princess and the Frog was my first thought as well. Love the Shadow Man and his voodoo magic! :D

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