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  1. It looks like it. I just hope we don't have to eat that questionable soup or stew.
  2. Given their talents for collecting or using odd items, I'd say it's either Sophie or Edna.
  3. That whole outfit is way too creepy! The outfit itself resembles Harley Quinn. the mask is IT, and the cards resemble something even Gambit wouldn't go near. The whole thing is going to give me nightmares.
  4. The fall beanie and wig are so cute! I'd pair them a a Basic Orange Sweater to give it a nice look. Personally,. I'm almost over the capsules as the contents rarely match the name of the capsule.
  5. I know what the Faerie Festival is, but it's my keyboard that messed up. My keyboard is sensitive. I barely have to tap a key, and I get multiples of it. I hit the question mark once, and got three. I didn't see the mistake until it was posted.
  6. Yesterday, I took my pet to the Healing Springs, and all my pets health was healed because of the Faerie Festival. I did the same today with a different pet, and all he got was three points. I didn't see the usual Faerie Quests being given away either. Can someone please tell me what's going on this year?
  7. What if we posted some of our favorite recipes here?
  8. if you have the Ice side of the MME-20, that chandelier is perfect!!
  9. I have tickets to Hugh Jackman's One Man Show tonight, and I can't go!! My fiance has been suffering with food poisoning for two days now. I took him to urgent care, and they took care of him. What really makes this an over the top Nay is that I got these tickets for my birthday!! I doubt there's a single way the universe can make it up to me. ?
  10. I had a very happy coincidence. The Daily Puzzle was Pirate Champion was a member of which crew? Answer: Revenge's Crew Then I got a Discovered Treasure Chest from the Forgotten Share. I open it up, and a Pirate Champion was inside! I've never seen a Pirate Champion before, and certainly not in a Discovered Treasure Chest.
  11. If you've had 3 FFQs over the course of a year, you are very lucky indeed! I have completed a FFQ, and now I'm trying to decide on who to paint.
  12. Ask yourself this: What is the one color I've always wanted for (Favorite Pet)? For me, it was an Island Xweetok. This is your best chance for your dream pet. Good luck!
  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. I lost two cats two years ago, and it still hurts. While both were part Bombay, Malaika was more affectionate than her brother, Logan. I wish I had a picture of them to share.
  14. Judging by everyone's posts, maybe I should wait until sign-ups are closed before starting. @GillyTook- When you go to the homepage for your team, you will see a badge that says "Beginner" roughly one-third to halfway down the page. Click on the badge, and a "Tournament Ranking" box will pop up. From there, simply click on the level you want to get to, and it will show you how many games you need to play. I hope this helps.
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