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  1. Thank you. And actually this is in the 'Ask' group because I meant to ask that if anyone sees another forum account claiming to be zombies_coffee on neopets, can you let me know? Also, what do the wonderful forum leaders think? Old account go boom? Never mind! I found it! Anxious Zombie! I should have known! But now we're back to the second question. If accounts can be deleted (some forum programs don't allow that) should it be the old one or this one? BTW the old account is Anxious Zombie. Don't hit her up, because she can't reply at the moment. This post has been
  2. Yep. You read that right. See, I went on hiatus from Neopets for roughly 1 1/2-2 years, and in that time I closed an email that I never used. Well, it turns out that email was connected to my TDN Forum account, for which I couldn't remember the username. So now there are two. Sorry.. Getting older does not seem to equal getting smarter. Or less anxious..
  3. Working on Neoquest (again..) and NQ2 to get those avatars out of the way. I swear, I'm going to complete 1 this time, and not have to restart again months later because I have no idea where I left off.
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