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  1. Add me on Neopets: Cryzztal :)

  2. Thanks you guys! I have something very dumb I feel I need to confess, I'm actually very confused between the Wraith Resurgence and the Obelisk War. For a while I thought they were the same thing Do you have any good guide links that could help me through both?
  3. I just adopted her from the pound for the avvie. She's up for takes for whoever wants her. She has an unfortunate name though..
  4. Omg I'm so happy! This post warmed my heart To 21 more and more years to come
  5. My current relationship actually started as (and still is a) long distance relationship. We live 3 hours apart, but we've been together, happily, for almost 2 years now. The reason we haven't failed at it is because it takes two people to make a relationship work ESPECIALLY a long distance one. If he was as sweet and down to earth as you thought of him he would've made the effort to come and visit or even make the time to text and facetime/skype every other day. Unfortunately, if he's blowing you off all the time for his friends and for clubbing then I don't think he's worth your time. That's his true colors showing. Men like to lead women on, it's their way of feeling powerful and that they can get any girl they want. Especially men you've met at a club. Trust me, my friends and I had our fair share of experiences. Look at your moving away as an opportunity to focus on yourself, on your career, and get rid of all the negative people in your life. Guys aren't a main factor of your life. If you meet someone where you live now then good for you, if not, then good for you.
  6. I was just wondering when the next cup starts?
  7. This topic's title should be "Is there anything that doesn't make you angry about Neopets?" They have an extremely big list of inappropriate words like uncle and basement. It's very uncanny. I dislike the fact that their sole target market is kids and tweens whereas their entire market is actually 18+. When Adam and Donna created this website they actually targeted 16-25 year olds! Their freezing sprees. They freeze members for the silliest things. They even freeze members to protect their accounts from being hacked and then sometimes never unfreeze their accounts for them again. They have been lately freezing accounts that were created with "inappropriate" names like accounts with the word "kill" in them and transfer all their belongings and pets to a brand new account with an appropriate name. So suddenly people who've had 10 year old accounts have to start off again with a 1 month account because of their username. Their customer support that almost never replies back. Their games that suddenly came to an end like KeyQuest and Ghoul Catchers for ios. Their lack of transparency. I'll keep adding to this list as I think of some more. Regardless, I still love Neopets There's just something about it that always drags me back to it after each hiatus. I can't explain it.
  8. I know this is probably mainstream but Logic's 1-800 song is my current favorite. It just makes me emotional and moves me in so many ways.
  9. Hey everyone! My name's Hana, I'm 23 (well turning 23 on Jan 1st) and I just joined the forums. I've been on Neo since 2005 and like almost all other members, I've been on so many hiatuses, I lost count! So now I've been back for about a month and all my neofriends have seemed to grow tired of the game. So basically, I'd love to get to know more people who are still weird enough to play Neofriends in their adult years like me (:
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