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Neutral Territory thread (Ɔ˘⌣˘)(˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ C) All teams welcome

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6 hours ago, acmerasta said:

How are prize shop points calculated? I've been wondering about it for a while now.

with each rank  , you gain a number of points .. according to the petpage ~AbsoluteCorruption .. they can calculate it for you .. and tell you how many points you will get at the next rank ...

but then again TNT may have other ideas and change the system ...

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10 hours ago, Midgetlegs said:

Kinda seems like they should either make it harder to get all-star, or just acknowledge ranks beyond it. Reaching the highest rank should earn top prizes. It just makes sense that way.

Looking at it that way, yes, because it does seem like a big ol' slap in the face to hit the highest rank, but STILL not be able to attain the highest prize. Maybe some levels beyond the all-star ranking would be worthwhile.

*lobbies for Crazy-Person rank :ph34r:*

Seriously though, why not acknowledge the double and triple all-star people with actual ranks. Super All-star for double, Ultimate Champion for triple? Something along those lines seems fairer than how things work currently.

I made it to Rank 3, which was what I was hoping I'd do, so all in all I'm content.

Didn't enjoy things half as much this year because my mental decline since last year makes playing YYB difficult and stressful for me, but I really am glad that I managed to achieve the realistic goal that I set myself.

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i dont see the mistake :O 

anyway im not concerned about matching numbers this year .. although i did match my side games : 35 , 350 and 3550 games respectively

i just hit 400 YYB games myself but i wana get to 420 

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This song is for EVERYONE who reached this year's AC goals. Whether you played just one game for a participation medal, beat last year's rank, made All-star, or whatever. Everyone is an All-Star, in my book.


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5 hours ago, deboratibi said:

That moment when you're trying to end things perfectly, and you realise you made a mistake:



LOL I've had that happen too in previous years! It's harder if you try to get the "Goals Scored by" at the same rounded numbers, like 400, for example for your guys. Because you've gotta keep in mind who's reached the self-imposed cut-off and who still needs to do some work. lol Pretty impressive goal count for each player and for your total games. ;)
Since you didn't get your numbers evened, you might as well earn more rank points, right? XD Got all of today yet to pile them on. XD Either way good luck!

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congrats on a great cup everyone and congrats to the winner in advance (we will wait for 5 days but i can feel it's Meridell) 

can't believe they ended it before midgnight NST :( 

i wanted to play several more side games ...

anyway here are my final numbers

Goals Scored 4,420
  Goals by Mirsha Grelinek 3,202
  Goals by Timu 424
  Goals by Antola Maeir 397
  Goals by Larcy Phu 397
  Saves by Xana DiLanche 684
Number of Wins 420
Number of Draws 0
Number of Losses 0
Slushie Slinger
Games Played 35
Top Score 565
Make Some Noise
Games Played 350
Top Score 7,226
Shootout Showdown
Games Played 3,350
Top Score 1,200
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So I aimed to improve on my 4th Rank finish from before and I did: 7th Rank. I just couldn't settle down to play so much for so long to get to All Star Rank so kudos to the folks that have that patience and fortitude lol. and Congrats to everyone that played this year! 

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Congrats everyone! I was shooting for 400 wins last night, only managed 398 before midnight NST. Even forgot to battle in the Obelisk skirmish this time around.^^; Whoops!

I did manage to get to rank 12, here are my stats for this year.

Goals Scored     4,889
  Goals by Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis 4,210
  Goals by Oten Runeu 223
  Goals by Lamelle Turow 235
  Goals by Barit Jowes     221
  Saves by Tonie Plessix 324
Number of Wins    398
Number of Draws    0
Number of Losses 0

10 Goals = 28
11 Goals = 60
12 Goals = 65
13 Goals = 86
14 Goals = 68
15 Goals = 45
16 Goals = 10
17 Goals = 01

Total 363 games 10+

Also improved my Goals per game average over last year decently.
AC 2016 = 12.06514657980456 per game,
AC 2017 = 12.28391959798995 per game.

My mind is still blown that I was finally able to have 1 game scored at 17-0! That's one less, pardon the pun, goal to try for next year. LOL

And now we don't have to think about the AC again for another almost a WHOLE 11 months! ^_^ LOL

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