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  1. Oh my goodness the xylophone on the back is so clever!! I like the shine on bori’s skin and i know its toy but i feel a wooden texture would have looked really neat!
  2. @AgJu You still did pretty good this year! Even if it wasn't this year that's still crazy that you managed to quad-max. I always thought double or even triple was crazy hard, but quad?? That's really impressive. When i had time to play the cup it was usually at night, when these outages have been happening in my time zone, so i did missed some game time although i did reach all star so i'm not mad, but i can understand if others are. (Although it was nice of them to give us two days for more points) I joined Terror Mountain in 2017 and will definitely stick with them in the upcoming years. I've always love Terror Mountain as a location, the team colors are my favorite and i love the look of Prytariel and that shes the captain! I hope our team finally gets the win ?
  3. @Scoobert_Doo My big goal was to just make it to All-star and i got there 3 days before the cup ended. My mini goal was to play more games of SOSD (Last year was 3,153) and this year i got to 3,410. When i saw i played over 3000 games last year i thought i was crazy and didn't think i could reach that again but i forgot how fast the games go by through the month. @AgJu WOW! I salute you I could never imagine playing 1000-let alone 4000 games of Slushie Slinger!!! I played a whopping... 24 games this year
  4. I never thought of looking at them this way, but now i'll forever see them as M&M's
  5. Go Terror Mountain!! ? It’s definitely been difficult getting back into the cup this year, the recaptcha’s on MSN make it really hard to grind In my opinion. (But i am happy that they help against cheaters!) I’m also glad we’re done playing Kiko Lake at the moment, for some reason their npc’s are more aggressive to me then other teams?
  6. Not a huge fan of Custard (Or that paintbrush in general) but Candy is very pretty! really bright. Id say this Candy Grarrl is a mix of Lemon and Blue Raspberry. ???
  7. I second that, I love #4! The Meepit costume looks adorable on the Alien Aisha ??
  8. Although I ended up liking my other special edition entry better, I really wanted to try out Clay for a Bronze/Copper-ish look https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1715525
  9. Although that shade of purple looks nice on the outfit, I do wish they stuck with the brown. Stays true to the Jedi robe color and looks more neutral. Luke Skywoofer is an adorable name by the way! ? The background is also a perfect Dagobah
  10. Beautiful, almost looks too good to eat. ? ? The colors of the frosting are really vibrant, the blue and red pop out!
  11. At family cookouts my aunts would make chicken or chicken with veggie Pincho’s. Something about eating them off the stick was kinda fun as a kid. ?
  12. That Totoro is so cute!! I really love the dancing ghosts These entries are all wonderful!!
  13. I was trying to look for my Dragoyle in Meridell when this popped up!
  14. @kuhlowie I like how the Disco Aisha looks like it's ready to dance. ??The downward antenna's look cute in my opinion!
  15. Adorable! That plush looks so soft and in great condtion too. I have a small yellow Aisha that I keep on my desk, along with a little blue Shoyru. ?
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