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Neopies Best of Year 25 Have Begun!


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2 hours ago, hrtbrk said:

Thanks for posting this! I wouldn't have known.

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On 2/5/2024 at 8:26 AM, Sciurus carolinensis said:

@Angeló I am so jealous of your prize yesterday. Heres what i got for voting for Pebble as the best advent prize today.


 i don't remember what i got yesterday for voting for the Pebble 🫠 but it was junk

Day 5

Vote : Stamp of Neopia

Prize image.png.1a041eec2cc79b3fb90e2ca3be467f5a.png


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On 2/4/2024 at 2:46 AM, Angeló said:

Day 3 

Angelo you are always so lucky when we have these type of events and have been since I've known you. Wait! Maybe that means I'm the good luck charm, your welcome. LOL You are definitely a lucky duck! When we voted for the Best New NP Item I got a Rubber Fruit as a prize and it was one of the choices to vote for.

Going to vote now for today and see what I get. I got a wearable Jhudora Dress.  I would rather get items like that Chia Pop.  Maybe tomorrow, plenty of days left.


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2 hours ago, Sciurus carolinensis said:

I also voted for March-1468, and I got image.png.38d26f171da3800ec5ddc1de480832ed.png

The day after I bought one for myself. Rats.

Wow! Good for you. This is a cautionary tale for me because I was thinking of buying one. I am going to wait until after the event now because I don't want to spend NP's if I can get it for free.

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