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Happy Hissi Day!


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Yet another Color I didn't know didn't already exist, but I like it! The navy makes it a little less vibrant than I would want, but I really like the extra details, like its little specks being outlined and having the lightning-looking designs faintly behind it. 

The rattlesnake outfit is just perfect! It's simple, but looks just like a regular snake! Er, minus the arms. Love the patterns though 🙂

And the shiny blue one is also very very pretty! The scales are so vivid, I love the little purple shading, and those eyes! Just as striking as those crystal-like fangs...

A magnificent Hissi Day!

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LOOVE the cosmetic items! I never really liked the Hissi's until the candy color came out for them, now I might want those clothes for another one! lol

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The colours a tad simplistic but is certainly striking.

I do love the clothes though. Particularly the metallic costume which is really, really pretty. But the rattle snake is also cool!

I've now got two hissi's on my bonus side. I need more pet slots on my main side and baby side to move them across. HisssyFits is going to be my baby and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Hissdras yet, I already have Voldermorts who is Halloween/Transparent cross. I do like Candy and I don't have any candy pets, so that's a possibility...

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