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Vote for Obelisk War! Round 204!

Which faction are you joining for the 204th round?  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. Which faction are you joining for the 204th round?

    • Order of the Red Erisim
    • The Sway
    • Seekers

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Well, if you're into Boons, Order has Cartogriphication  and Refreshed Quest Request ,  Seekers has Book Smarts (increases your Pets Intelligence when your Pet reads a book they can get 2-4 points instead of only 1. It's how I got Kokariia's Intelligence to 14393 Ultimate Genius) and Right Round Round Round (you can spin a Wheel twice without waiting 4 hours), or Sway has Cheaper by the Dozen (you can buy Stocks at 10np instead of at 15np for a week) and Refreshed Quest Request.

So I am torn between Order and Sway...I'll check later tonight to see if more ppl say if they need an Avatar.

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Bank Bribery is my Boon of choice, Quest Refresh a close 2nd. Cartographication is ok, but in dozens and dozens of times of finding my way to the treasure in the Faerie Caves, (with or without cartographication) I have NEVER found any items when opening the chest. Just a random amount of NP, 600-10000 is about the range. If I recall the low-end correctly. Haven't decided on whether I'll go for The Sway or The Seekers. I'll see what others think first. lol

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haha or maybe there will be another curveball this week. Sway is an option, so maybe the same people who went ham last time will do the same this time. I need the avatar for both sway and awakened order (my brain is kinda tired), so I'm trying to decide which one still. Does anybody know where I can see the vote results of the obelisk guild? That might influence my decision

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A fellow ninja tells us his guild's intentions and we mostly follow along, but I don't know how big that guild is, it's certainly failed us the last two times. xD He'll tell us later today what their verdict is. I shall post now asking him how big the guild is.


It's certainly got some hubris, unless that's irony they're going for there. xD

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Greatest Guild Ever Created 

just like Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of all time ? (according to him .. and his mom, and 2 sisters)

Waiting for the verdict tonight , if naught then Ill be joining The Order

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4 hours ago, Angeló said:

just like Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of all time ? (according to him .. and his mom, and 2 sisters)

Exactly this. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I wonder which I'm likely to plump for if I don't feel like going for what Mario suggests... I mean it's gonna be either Seekers or Order, I'd have thought... I'm happy with either option; I have a bunch of books stockpiled awaiting the Book Smarts boon, or it's yes indeedy for trying for the close to unobtainable Faerie Caverns prize!


Mario says Order, he didn't answer about the size of the guild though, I need to dig deeper! xD

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This could be interesting then! We all know that when @Scoobert_Doogoes in a different direction, that's very often the way the win goes too!

Incidentally Mario's full-of-itself guild isn't the one he gets the Obelisk info from - that guild literally has just two active people in it. x'D - This is gen coming from a friend of his who is in the Obelisk guild, so it's legit.

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