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Favorite petpets?

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What are your favorite species and colors of petpets? I really love Babaa, especially the birthday ones!




The Tiny Giant Squid is kind scary, but I love marine animals.




The Gulpfir is cute with an adorable description.

"A Gulpfir loves making music and can't wait to be your bestest friend."




And of course the Fir itself.

"This adorable little chap can't wait to be your bestest friend."



The Snarhook is cute with a funny name!



The Turdle is basically a turtle.



Slorgs are just great no matter what.




Poor little Grackle Bugs are too cute for their own good.




The Splime is a cute little tentacle.





The Narwhool is a walrus!




Polarchucks look so happy. :D




The Baby Fireball looks like a mini sun!




Who doesn't like Snow bunnies?




Gulpers look just like Football Fish.




Everyone knows Kadoaties are impossible not to like.




Hasee are fat and adorable.




I could definitely go on. What are some of your favorites?


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I have a soft spot for animals (specifically shelter animals) that nobody else usually wants in real life, so the look and description of the manjeer just stole my heart. My woodland grundo, Tombombadillly (named after Tom Bombadil from LOTR), has one named Sam (also from LOTR lol).
"The Manjeer might not look like much, but it is very loyal and loves to play."

I also like the Sparky. I mean...look at that face!
"Thatll do, Sparky. Thatll do."

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Saw a Haseepuss while looking at Cooking Pot Recipes. Now I own one. Fat, Squishy and Adorable!



I think Kazerius are gorgeous! But my pet that I bought it for rejected it :( Since it didn't match any of my other pets, it's in my SDB :(


Click here to visit Oopsy!

I also have a Pile of Soot named Oopsy which I think is hilarious

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I have a unhealthy (for my Neo bank account) petpet habit.


I have a really hard time picking favorites, but as far as species in general, my favorites are the Kookith and Orbulon.



Colors, my favorites are faerie, birthday and valentines.

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Even though I do not have him attached to any of my pets right now, I do love Walking Carpet. I had named him BurBur. I'm funny :laughingsmiley:




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I love my own Woodland Feloreena, Blossom, but a couple of my other favorite petpets are Woodland Blobikins and Faerie Kads :wub_anim:


Favorite colors are Faerie and Woodland


Wasn't sure how to post a picture of my petpet but here you go :) I also have a Faerie Baby Fireball name Sprite and it's super cute!



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Carmariller   Furwitch      Harris           Khonsu       Massew        Feepit         Raindorf      Sandan


Here are a few of my favorites.  There are so many to choose from.

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As has been mentioned, there are so many cute/neat petpets. I want to give a mention to the cardboard petpets, specifically the ones people get in the newbie packs, which are the Ditsy cardboard_petpet_1.gif, the Frogler cardboard_petpet_4.gif, the Liobits cardboard_petpet_3.gif and the Weeble cardboard_petpet_2.gif. I know these petpets can't be painted or transferred, but I think they're really cute and if a person is in a position to have gotten them, they can make great permanent petpets.


That being said, I like a lot of other petpets as well. Notably:


The Vaeolusvaeolus_ghost.gif because it is an Altador petpet and featured in the Altador plot (by the way, I don't have a favorite color, I just put the picture of the ghost because I have one as it matches my Halloween Bruce).


The plushie Goople (and Gooples in general)goople_plushie.gif. It says "icky" in their description, but I don't they're icky at all, I think they're adorable.


Sparkysparky.gif because it is like a little angel doggy and I think it is touching the story of the Sparky and it reminds me of my little doggy, Jade, who passed away and she even had kinda buggy eyes (she was part chihuahua) and a tongue that stuck out.


However, my favorite petpet would have to be the elderly Slorgslorg_elderly.gif. I think Slorgs are just great in general, but the elderly one, how it has the smile with the wrinkles, it is just so cute and funny to me, makes me laugh most everytime I see it ?

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Two of my four pets are adopted, so I can't change their names. I am finally getting around to changing their petpets, which I didn't care for that much. I decided for a Turtmid for my Lost Desert Eyrie (unfortunately named mycrazyeyrie by his previous owner). Lacking originality myself, I named him Pyro. Here is what he said today. Quite sassy, eh? Should I or my pets be worried? :blink::D (If anyone has experience with Turtmids, let me know)


Neopets Petpet curse.JPG

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I have been zapping my pet's Petpets, and my main pet has this beauty:

Bisbee66 has a Petpet!


FaLaLa the Christmas Kadoatie
(256 days and 10 hours old)
[ zapped.gifZapped by the Petpet Lab Ray ]


I also love my other Pet's zapped Petpets as well:

I_Love_MC_Mong has a Petpet!


So-and-so the Fire Frowny
(291 days and 23 hours old)
[ zapped.gifZapped by the Petpet Lab Ray ]


This one is special to me, since I have a dung-tastic gallery ^_^

MCMong22 has a Petpet!


Fritter the Dung Walking Carpet
(676 days and 0 hours old)
[ zapped.gifZapped by the Petpet Lab Ray ]

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Is there a thread or page somewhere explaining Pet and Petpet compatibility? I like the look of a Bloop so I tried to give him to my Kougra "J88KK" (who went from yellow to Invisible several years ago after a random event, and I decided to keep him Invisible for now). Here is what happened when I tried to "introduce" them. This happened all 3 times I tried. What Petpets cause this? How can I find a good match? Prior to this he had a Yullie for several years with no issues.

Neopets J88K rejects Bloop Petpet.JPG

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As soon as I saw the Airborne Minitheus I knew one of my pets had to have one. Its little hat! <3



Another has a Bubblebee. IRL I love bumblebees, so this was another easy choice.



And then we have Hieronimo the Halloween Harris


Like many others, I too also adore Slorgs. They always put a smile on my face!

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I have a gallery of plushie petpets and my favorite one that I own is my Plushie Doglefox 


But my dream plushie petpet is to obtain is a Plushie Kadoatie


I really wish they had a Valentines one that looked like the Valentines Kadoatie Plushie 


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