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  1. I agree with that. Sometimes I pair up more lively petpets with my more quiet pets to draw them out to play :) If not, my vote goes to the miamouse. It looks like it can be active or quiet when needed. From the description, seems like it will make a nice companion too: Miamice hop along the clouds in Faerieland, but they secretly want to be adopted and loved!
  2. After buying some stocks on and off and not really paying too much attention to them, I finally got this Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Sell! SELL!!' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  3. I'm excited; can't wait to see where this is heading For once, I've been following through my new year resolution and have been training my pet regularly so I'm hoping to get a wee bit further as compared to my previous events. @Jena92 From what TNT has been hinting, it seems very likely that there would be some battling element :)
  4. I was a bit stuck on some last bits and unsatisfied with the overall look so I didn't enter. But the entires are gorgeous and so glamorous! Best of luck to all the contestants ^ o ^
  5. Thank you for your suggestion & pointing out a whole new direction. I've been knocking myself silly with trying to use silver/gray items that I didn't think of gold. That gold necklace is lovely!
  6. First of all, allow me to apologize if I came across as harsh/snarky or that I'm not open to questions or suggestions. All the sarcasm in my last post was directed at me. I was poking fun of myself at my tendency to torture myself with crazy ideas (like a totally washed out look). Secondly, I don't wish to be too long winded so I just provided a summary of Cy's character and a link to her lookup for a feel of what she's like. I'm sorry if I didn't provide enough information along the way and seem a little lost in my head in regards to other customization ideas I'm toying with. Thirdly, I can see where you're coming from about the dress not being formal enough. I don't object to your suggestions. Neither do I object to the use of colors. As I had mentioned I actually enjoy even clashing colors. Like I said I can tweak my writing to mysteriously postpone or cancel the gala. It can be a party or a black tie event; it can be worked around the outfit. I'm just trying to find a use for the dress as it's been sitting in my closet for a year-ish and I think that is a waste. I don't have an eye for dressing up my pets either. I'm more used to dressing up pixel human bases so the pets and their paws always stump me. I always feel like I'm out of my depth here. On that note, thank you for your input; it is much appreciated. One last apology if I didn't address anything. I had all the points in my head all over the place so maybe I missed out something.
  7. While I'm open to ideas, I'm really hoping to put the dark lace dress to use. This is sort of like a last ditch try to use it; if nothing comes out of it, it may be put uft. Probably. Also, I'm out of boxes and NC as I had splurged on wintery/holiday outfits so the gala may be mysteriously postponed if there is trading to be done xD @Scoobert_Doo As I was reading your post, there was a lot internal flailing and wailing (noooooooo playing on loop) going on. Feels like I've made #badneolifechoices rotfl In all seriousness though, I picked white because of your point: I thought it would be able to showcase her items like a blank canvas. And I have a thing for pale-on-pale (I've been toying with the idea of a noir look) or eye-blinding color clash (or subconsciously I'm a glutton for punishment. I may also have a foot in the monochrome world). I also like the way dresses drape on the Lenny's body like this: (I'm also thinking of using silvery lake BG with the lilac dress. Monochrome world here I come......) I find the biggest problem in dressing a lenny is the feet/claws so I usually prefer floor length dresses/gowns. Nice as the dust dress is, the tips of her feet are peeking out and shoes would make them look too bulky. I like the Dead Red Dress & its description but I suppose I'd prefer a lower neckline. The black line is a bit distracting for me though the daring red fits her adventurous spirit well. I'd keep the Hannah dress in mind though when she's out running around in her trusty boots, she prefers trousers: @charelan Aw thank you Cy is my muse so it's easier for me to think up of something for her. I like the lux bday dress too. I sat and admired the fold of the dress for a few minutes and had played around with it on DTI (& nothing came out of it. I'm seeing a pattern here xDD). I find that it leaves her neck too bare hm. Thanks for your suggestion :)
  8. Hello TDN-ers c: Cybrielle is my globe-trotting, books-loving, caffeine addicted adventurer (I may or may not have modelled her after Lara Croft ). (Link if you'd like to see what she's up to) But sometimes, she has to put away her favorite boots to attend fundraisers and similar events. While she isn't too fond of them, she needs to mingle with investors and seek potential funding for her future expeditions. An invitation to one such gala has recently come her way. Out of all (just 4) her dresses, she has decided on her old enemy, the dark lace dress: We have totally no idea what to do! *hopelesswail* We love NP and NC items; any help will be appreciated :)
  9. Mostly codestones to train my battle pet followed by books. When I reach any mini-goal for training, I'll splurge and buy wearables, expensive books and sometimes, pointless items (beautiful items to sit in my gallery) xD
  10. The cupcake is pretty, the item is pretty, the stat raise is handy. BURP
  11. @YuiinaOh it's ok, every day feels chaotic for me xD I'm usually multi-tasking in between posts and the worst thing is DTI doesn't work on phones. Interesting choices; don't think I'm familiar with some of them- will most definitely play with some of them later. @kayahtikThat's exactly the reason I didn't suggest the hammock: it blocks out so many parts of an outfit. Otherwise it would have been a lovely item- it looks so nice and fluffy by itself!
  12. @jellysundae Aww thank you <3 You've nailed it spot on with words about the sea shell while I was just frowning and FROWNING at it. A lot lol It's exactly that; I keep wishing there are more pearls or starfishes spilling out of the shells. I love the delicate shades of those shells and looking for a way to use them. I'm glad you think so too- that swing is one of my personal fav The world will end without those eyelashes! May I refer you to Exhibit A: The Christmas Tree where a conifer is a temporary resident indoors. Also various other exhibits where there are numerous indoor decorations involving pine, mistletoe, leaves, fruits and some such. I thought the indoor swing seat is a thing nowadays: .....or maybe not and it's just my brain thinking of a vacation xD Well, glad you found some food for thought :)
  13. Hello, Ellava is pretty! I love how you use those items to accentuate the turquoise of her stripes I'd suggest the following: Ack, it looks nice at DTI with the animations. Anyhow, I've used the Snowy Suspened Plant Garland to give the room a more beachy (I think of beach > sand > golden colors) feel and to match the shells in your foreground. I find the lights soften/warm up the room color while the branches match the blue/aqua color scheme. The full list of items used: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1408728 For a small handheld item, I like the Crystalline Flower Bouquet. It's small, it's shiny (in a subtle and classy manner) & it matches your color scheme. I also think of hammocks and swings when I think of beaches so ta-daa introducing the Tropical Island Swing. I've also thrown in a Shining Princess Magic Swirl for that last pinch of salt shiny because she's a princess. And Magic. And shiny. List of items: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1408733 I'm not much of a dresser; hopefully they can give you some ideas instead of sending you running away in horror PS: I had worked on a female base but somehow it changed and became the male base. Sorry about that!
  14. Lots & lots of ideas. My head is spinning with all the possibilities. I feel like I'm in a candy store. On Christmas Day I'm ready to call it quits and trade away the BG but now, I'm hiding it in my closet. A big thank you to you & deborahtibi <3 http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1407177 ......Can I put this on Peri's lookup? If I could, I'd squish you into a huge hug. I'm going to refer to this whenever I'm tempted to cram a million items into an outfit or when that feeling of bare-ness creep onto me again <3
  15. She's Peri; I created her mainly because I like the Christmas Zafara's color scheme and that halo. I had planned for her to be a lady who swishes about in grand and sombre halls and such. Welllll.... that didn't work out as I couldn't make the BG work so she's romping about in the forest instead lol Sorry I didn't indicate the name of the items used and whether they can be swapped out- that was thoughtless of me /facepalm That Candy Floss wig has totally distracted me me too and I'm saving it for reference and outfit ideas I LOVE those candles; most definitely will try them! Thank you, you've provided me with lots of outfit ideas- Peri won't be bored, that's for sure The chandelier garland and bouquet box combo looks great- I'll be saving that on DTI :) I'll snag those NP items too. I missed the Negg Festival but that BG is full of beautiful, intricate details. I often try to pile as many items as possible (FG, garland, animations etc etc) but this works really well by itself. Tiny, hidden details FTW! I tend to do that too hee I'm fine with NP or NC items or a mix of both. Foreground, garland, the full works, the more the merrier lol I'm open to other BG suggestions though I'd rather not as I'm trying to put this BG to use lol
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