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  1. I also discovered the easy way to beat the game in 2022 while looking up when is Gold awarded Tournament 10 is difficult as there isn't a strategy, took me only 1 try but I had to play all 11 games with Vex!
  2. Yep. Absolutely getting Fluttershy vibes. Doesn't help that her image is of her rumoured bashful nature.
  3. I never wanna play Cellblock ever again. Got the avvie too!
  4. Obsessed with the widdle baby wings on the Darigan
  5. They're so beautiful tho. I'm gonna be sad once its fixed
  6. The only way to see/visit your petpet info is using Neopets classic http://www.neopets.com/quickref.phtml Pet details page is also in classic, so you can click on your pet's picture on the side to get it as usual.
  7. The new clothes are Laura Dern's outfit from the first Jurassic Park movie and we've had many other cosplay costumes from other franchises, If it does then it would be a first! Honestly, I feel bad for the people who bought the Pb for the old design But like, I do really like this one more, i prefer the beak in the old one but this still looks tonnes better. I'll be avoiding Pound chat for a while tho
  8. My inner 7 year old is in turmoil. I get what TNT doing, since turning the already aquatic Jetsam into an Anglerfish with the Maraquan Pb was so popular, the Tyranian Pb change from Stegosaurus to Ankylosaurus would make sense. Young me would have loved another dinosaur neopet, but it's just so pastel and the tail is all wrong, like, why does it look like flesh and not armor? It has the Ankylosaurus beak, ear spikes and body 'armor' but they look so wrong. And why the pastel??? Loving the Jurassic Park themed outfit tho. Fantastic cosplay! Edit: It's the eyes! TNT gave them rounded humans eyes! That's why it's so uncanny valley.
  9. I don't like the blue burlap texture, would've preferred the eyes being bright blue instead with a light belly. The mad scientist outfit is pure gold tho, might have to adopt a Scorchio just to play around with it!
  10. On my way to the Godori avvie, Absolute destruction Needed to preserve this win
  11. Yesss I love the mosaic design! The flower patterns remind me of the Kolams that my indian friends would do around Diwali, not too busy for me, its perfect!
  12. Buzz looking like the Chaddest Chad ever to Chad. I want one lol Thought it was Mutant at first, I'm so happy its affordable. Tyrannian Pb is no longer under 500k
  13. Yep! I needed her to perfectly align the plushies in groups of 4 My completed Basics section is organized the same satisfying way Not really a story but the section looked so sad and empty with only 6 Jazzmosis members so I gave them an audience (with a similar colour scheme)! My headcanon is that Tavi and Baelia are regulars at this Jazz club and have their regular seat upfront and to the side as not the block the band And I MAY have been watching An Extremely Goofy movie when I decided to do it. Jazz is kinda poetry with music, right?
  14. A few months back, I was organizing my gallery and came to the conclusion that I needed a Tavi Plushie to complete my Jazz club set because neopedia. There wasn't one and the likelihood of such an obscure character chosen to be plushified seemed far-fetched and I just resigned to the fact that my Jazzmosis set will always feel incomplete. AND THEN THE ADVENT CALENDER JUST GAVE EVERYONE ONE FOR FREE!!!! And now here she is! A pop of colour in this smoky Jazzy Set. I'm in love
  15. Yes and yes! The term entered my vocab last January because of that whole fiasco and I have not been able to mentally switch back Also needed to pad the word count lol
  16. Thieves Guild for me too, Because STONKS.
  17. Thanks! Nothing too crazy, most were under 5k which was what started me on the theme. But I eventually found that Blumaroo, Jetsam and Kau were surprisingly expensive but not over 25k each. The big ticket items were Draik and Techo, they would have taken most of the budget if most weren't so generously donated. The biggest issue I had were all Kiko plushies, the was NONE at all anywhere. The only ones I could find were magical and very $$$, JN & TDN didn't list it and they weren't even an official item. Luckily a user here DONATED the full magical set and I was so thankful I almost cried.
  18. My Plushie gallery of all Basic colour Neopets is complete! It feels soooo good to scroll down knowing that they're all there http://www.neopets.com/gallery/?gu=nikkizebest Thanks to those in this very forum that helped me Now onto the Rainbows
  19. Not really an item glitch, but my favourite glitch is the Over-Age Petpet. My boy Tux has a petpet several years older that he is which is wild. A little googling led me to the pet page linked above and it was a fascinating read from start to finish. Highly recommended!
  20. Granny you are an amazingly generous person If you still have a dip left, I would like to request a Mutant Acara if its available. I'll NM a name to you directly. I honestly thought last week I could finally get my first FFQ since I had a cookie and refresh boon...... instead I got 10 wonderful speed points.
  21. Thank you! Zooming out didn't even come to my mind at all! This is such a weird workaround, TNT being soopur efficient again I see
  22. YES! Playing with the mouse makes me switch my aim so much faster and I can get 800s more often. Absolutely pales to the scores I've been sending for years but meh. My problem is that I can't play YYB. The window loads but when I click "Play Now", it just makes that pic full screen
  23. As someone who loves all things Vandagyre and birds in general: Ew.
  24. SO many good prizes this year! The Gaming Headset was an instant buy for me since I have a gaming theme pet and the fountain pen is B.E.A.U.Tiful despite only costing 1 point. Also......... Does this mean the Kiko Lake Team will stop stealing my stuff under the guise of "donations" (<.<) ( >.>) I mean, at least the Pant Devil is honest about blatant theft......
  25. It is still possible to beat most of the levels without any power ups. My advice is to save all power ups until level 109 cause THATS a hard level
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