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  1. Honestly, guided meditations don't work for me. I find them distracting because Instead of getting caught up with the scenario, I wonder why I would do those things that are being described. I don't get to an actual meditative state. What works best for me is I go to the beach, sit on a bench or on the sand, close my eyes and listen to the waves. I time my breathing with the sound of the waves coming in and going out and keep that up usually for a few minutes. I love the ocean and this is extremely relaxing for me and one of my favorite things to do as is walking along the beach and taking in the sights sounds and smells. Of course there are other environments that people will find relaxing, that's just my personal preference. Anyway, sorry this is not what you were asking, just thought I'd suggest something else that might work for you. If you feel more comfortable with the guided meditations, other people here may have some good examples or better advice. Take care =)
  2. Yes, the Nickelodeon character wheel, from when Viacom owned the Neopets company. The Shop of offers is carry over from before there were ads on every page of Neopets and before money was being made from Premium and the NC Mall. As stated, there are also games that were essentially interactive commercials. Basically, the shop of offers is just a page where people can see the paid advertisers for Neopets and sign up for offers from those advertisers. The slorg is a way to draw people to the page because regardless of whether a person checks out the offers, they can get the np. Now with all the other means of making money for the site, the page is pretty much irrelevant, however it is obviously accessible, so people still get the np from the slorg. It used to be you actually had to click on the slorg (it would be moving around the page) to get the np and now it is automatically credited.
  3. I got to rank 8. At first I was frustrated for not making it at least to 10, but then I like 8 because it looks like infinity symbol, but I still want to get a higher ranking next year. Anyway, I only got to 1 last year and this time I was able to get everything I wanted from the prize shop, so I'm happy.
  4. Congratulations, that's so cool! Gonna get there one day with Toreld (he's currently at 142). Awesome to have the luck of getting that last boost with the quest!
  5. That's funny about the carrots. I don't see why they should care if they couldn't even taste the carrots in the first place. Anyway, that's cool you like to cook a lot. All that food sounds yummy. I am pretty good at cooking chicken, spaghetti with sauce and that's about it. I make soups and stews, but that's just putting a lot of stuff in a pot and adding some spices, not too much to it, though it is tasty. My sister makes a lot of baked goods like peanut butter pie, bread pudding and chocolate chip cookies =)
  6. The fact your account was frozen for your protection is good because you should get it back if you just give a good amount of information showing you are the original owner of the account and I also agree that keeping up with updating is a good idea. I have an account that is not frozen, but I can't access it because it was hacked and the password was changed. I sent a ticket, but have not had any luck getting it back in over a year. You should have more luck since TNT was aware enough to freeze your account in the first place. I hope whatever else is going on will be okay and no matter what you'll make it through. Please take care!
  7. I don't know much about it either, but I also wanted to say I'm sorry your friend is dealing with this and understand you wanting to help her. I was wondering if maybe she could block these people, or ignore posts they make and she could delete posts they make if it's her post. I'm sure it can be more complicated. I also don't go on social media sites and when I did I was very private. The only friends I have are people I either know personally or that I established I could trust them from talking on other sites, for example a message board. I'm really sorry I can't be much help and I feel bad for your friend and that you are so upset about it. It would be nice if people just didn't bully, but of course that is unfortunately not the case and it is sometimes worse because they think they can get away with it more easily. I think there's gotta be something that can be done, to report them or somehow stop them from having that control and being able to continue what they are doing. Good luck to you and your friend and both of you take care! Edit: Sorry, I posted this before seeing you'd explained more. I hope she will be able to find a way to ignore them, or make it less likely that they will want to say things. In any case, good to know the video was taken down.
  8. Welcome back to Neopets both of you and welcome to TDN forums! You've no doubt noticed the Altador Cup is going on now, so that's rather exciting. I can't think of anything really new except for Neopets being taken over by Jumpstart, but I think it has been a couple of years now since that happened. They started the Trudy's Surprise daily, which is cool, just remember to do it everyday because the amount of neopoints accumulates (starting at about 2000, then up to a point where you get around 19,000 np for a bit and finally at around 30 days it goes to 100,000 np!), but it resets if you miss a day. Of course you may know all this already. Anyway, have fun =)
  9. Edit: I didn't see some of the other messages at first. Just wanted to say @babayaga67, glad to know you are safe. @firaplays - I am very introverted, but I have never lived alone and have always lived in a small place with at least one other person. Now I live with my sister and although she is introverted and will want time to herself sometimes, she also has separation anxiety (I know, a bit ironic) and so a lot of times I will stay out in the living room later than I usually would, but if I feel overwhelmed I will get caught up with playing games online, or start day dreaming, however I also have to keep an open ear because she has trouble handling when I miss things she says. The thing is we both have some social issues (I'm not talking about being introverted), but she has more, so I have learned to find my ways to better handle the situation. To be clear, I have told my sister it is important for me to get some time to myself for more than just the couple of hours it takes for me to settle into bed, so she understands that and I do go in my room early a couple times a week. To a degree I also consider alone time to be when I'm driving in my car and (more so) when I'm walking on the beach. Fortunately the beach I go to is a bit secluded and the people who are around mainly keep to themselves, so I'm free to be alone with my thoughts and enjoy the beauty of the area. One thing we both have trouble with is people coming over unannounced. We like to be prepared and if people do visit for them to only stay for the day, or preferably, for us to go to a restaurant or to their home to eat and talk. That way we have more control of when we want to be on our own and when we want to spend time with people. It also feels less socially hectic than going to a club or bar. There are also places like amusement parks that are just fun and don't feel hectic to us, even though there is usually a lot of people, but of course that isn't always an option in regards to time and/or money. Anyway, we never have people stay over, so I really don't know how to tell someone you could use some time when they are already there. I realize it can get more complicated, but I would hope usually they would eventually say something about heading home and I would be relieved. Sorry I'm not much help for that situation. As for someone asking to stay, I would tell the person I appreciate visiting them, but I'm really not in the position to have company stay over. I would suggest something like what I mentioned above (about them coming over for a little bit, or going out to eat). As has been said, it's not fair to expect someone to do something that makes them uncomfortable when it is not hurting the other person. For instance, most people can find another place to stay while they are in town visiting a friend. That's all I can really think to say about the subject. Best to you and take care!
  10. No, that's so cool! Thanks for letting me know =D
  11. I understand your frustration, that is ridiculous. Some people just get caught up with something and it isn't even a big deal. I saw Noodle shaking her bum, didn't seem bad to me, it's cute. Anyway, I agree with Nielo, good points there. Also glad to know the video is back up. On another note, glad to know you cheered up your friend =)
  12. You can probably tell from my profile and signature that to me the best band ever is Linkin Park. I love their music, it has helped me so much in my life and they are great guys! That being said, I think Gorillaz is awesome! My sister got into them first because she liked Blur and of course that Damon Albarn co-created Gorillaz. I think it's great they are still around, such a creative concept and great music style. My favorite character is Noodle. I like her look and backstory best, but of course they are all interesting and cool! By the way, I totally agree with you about the haters. No one is forcing these people to listen to this music, watch this show, whatever. They should go do what they like and let others enjoy those other things.
  13. I don't remember what level it was, but I spent 5 dollars in real money and I still couldn't pass it. I decided at that point it wasn't worth it to me, so now I just play level 1 many times to get the np. I'm glad that is an option.
  14. Yeah, I just checked and happened to me as well. That's odd, not sure why it happens, maybe a way to get below obstacles quickly, but I agree, it's mostly inconvenient. Anyway, thanks for posting 'cause now I know likely not to press those keys while playing that game!
  15. Thanks for posting this. I had to sign up again and I got the same message which was for getting the Altador Cup Altador frame and the AC theme, however I got that last year, so I guess I got an old message. I don't know if sometimes the item is the same, but anyway I discarded the second frame, just in case.
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