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  1. So I found out it isn't a glitch for the most part. The weight of the item you feed your pet determines how many stages of fullness your pet goes up. Since grarrls and skeiths eat anything, they can eat really heavy things that will bring their fullness well above very bloated and it will take a while for their fullness to go down.
  2. Symol Dirt Pie Yummy Muddy Pizza Green Cabbage Neopets 7th Birthday Bundt Cake Green Apple My pets seemed to have chosen a green and dirt/mud theme with their food XD I also got a Plate of Holiday Cookies from the Angelpuss
  3. She is still available if anyone wants her
  4. There was a blue candy neopet before: The candy Zafara was blue, too. Not all candy pets are glossy striped candy either.
  5. I would ask them: how long should you wait before giving her food/drink after the surgery, if they have any medication they recommend for post surgery pain for her age, and what problems to look out for. As for food I would recommend smoothie-ing things to make it easier, since she is losing quite a few teeth. Most kids at 6, don't make fun of other kids for missing teeth. They either think it's cool, or they might have some missing too.
  6. Oh okay then. Thanks for answering my query about it.
  7. Once a day I think? I have gotten a couple books from him. There are some people that track Turmy's waking patterns.
  8. The Candy Zafara kind of reminds me of blue raspberry sour gummy candy. The sparkly bits remind me of sour sugar that sour gummy candies have. Sour Gummy candy is a common sight in the US, and bright blue candy is typically called blue raspberry flavored which is pretty popular here.
  9. Does anyone know why it is against the rules to have them transfer to you, dip, and transfer back? I'm just curious as to why it's bad. (of course since it is against the rules I won't do it, just curiosity getting the best of me)
  10. Wow that stinks about your hand, I mean 16 stitches? . I hope it heals asap. At least she understood that she was the one that caused it, and you are aware that you are partially responsible for your injury. I would also suggest training to curb the guarding behavior and possibly removing the trigger, but as others said that isn't really fair to the Rotti. I hate the stigma against Pitbulls. Pitties are naturally sweet, loving and loyal dogs , and many of those who are "vicious" were bred, raised and trained to be that way, or they were scared or nervous and the person bitten didn't see the warning signs and got too close.
  11. I have been playing it almost every day as well and I never got it. You are luckier than I am to have gotten it at all haha
  12. Every so often instead of the normal bat, you get the full tree to swing. It hits the plushie a lot further than the bat, so if you hit the plushie with it just right with the highest wind you can get some serious distance. But it is extremely rare and most either freak out because they aren't expecting it, or just mess up since they aren't used to hitting with it.
  13. I'm not a mom, but I can understand your worry for your son. Having your child leave the nest and go off into the world can make anyone worry. BTW Congrats on him getting honors and graduating. He may be gone for a while during his training, but he will have a few breaks where he won't be training in the future that he can use to visit you. I wish your son good luck and safety as he goes off to boot camp and into the Army.
  14. Whoo I got the stealthy vandagyre one, they are so cute.
  15. Wow thanks for sharing, they are all beautiful
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