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  1. not being ultra excited about the outfit, although it's neat and cute, but the colors are amazing, all these shades on mosaic, and all this sweetness on candy... I cant ? *droool*
  2. SO MUCH CUTEEEEENESS ? I love the colors and detailed shading, it has the depth. And also the clothes are pretty nice, though making "a fish theme" on a fish, is just a bit weird
  3. Mosaic is awesome ? tbh, the transparent one was unnecessary, it looks really cramped and inconvenient ? I don't know why, but overall it gives me pain to even see this. The outfit tho... it's beautiful, so spring-ish and fairytale-ish...
  4. in my opinion it is a total disappointment... I am not Kau fan, but I believe they deserve to look well as well as any other pet... Only the clay here looks somehow accurate, but the Wraith is disappointing, it could have been done with such a greater design and details. And the outfit? Sorry, but for me it's a no-no, this wig, this shoes+socks... nope...
  5. fish dress on a fish... well, that could not go bad it looks very well I guess, although Im not the biggest fan of the headdress. As for colours, both are nice and really customisable. Esp the candy one, very pretty. Koi Day pic is so weird, I mean, the idea of the sneaky pirate or sth is nice, but what is this corked things in the barrel? Any explanation please? ?
  6. As for current trending colors, the gold one is a bit disappointing... As per the outfit, also doesnt ignite the spark, it's just OK. Pretty much basic for Yurble Day... if I has yurbles, I'd get upset...
  7. another basic look, which is such a good concept! ? really like it. Hopefully, this year, maybe, we will just have some plain, basic clothes that we can combine on our pets, instead of very specific, precise, theme-based outfits that are difficult to match with each other.
  8. for me really these two are disappointment... They lack detailing... compare stealthy Lupe - it's detailed, the armor parts are very well-made, with silver encrusting or something. Here it's just so plain it looks like rags clothes. Same for wraith, no mysterious pink fog, etc. details, it's too sharp and edge-ish, instead of this mysteriously, ominously smoggy effect. meh ?
  9. I just adore these colors, the stealthy one is on point, the candy one - I would love to eat it ? the outfit is neat, just nice rollerskate guy. It's a shame they don't do female-male versions, though. It'd be so much better
  10. well, the oil paint one is just odd... it's too much of everything, although I can also see the Van Gogh referrence, but it's just overall mess. I wouldn't like to customise it, it would be difficult with the face. I like the outfit, though hair could have been looking less like a sheaf of hay, more like hair. But I like the make up, tho. The toy one is cute, but colors are too dramatic and intensive, I'd prefer them more mellow, toned-down... And those red eyes... ? nah
  11. I love the marble, it's just cool, awesome work when it comes to this shiny-see through effect, really beautiful. I also fancy the woodland one, it's also cool, with this bushy hair on top, really nice look, for some reason it reminds me a bit of Johny Bravo and I see that now the clothes are getting basic for all the pets, it's really good move, because it will make it possible to create some nice, everyday looks ?
  12. I like elderly brushes, here the job's good too. I prefer the boy's colour, though, because the elderly female kougra colour seems like it's just kind of... zombie-like, or a bit rotten? I don't like it too much. Still, I like the clothing and details. I find the elderlyboy hat funny, it looks more hipstery, rather than elderly, but maybe it's just for a "cool grandpa" I do like the outfit, it's basic, rather plain, but sometimes this kind of items are missing in the overall look, so it's good they are also updated and added ?
  13. I love the marble one, too, it is really on point... And unlike @babayaga67 I don't see any double belly.... I like the fact they are finishing with Swamp Gas, too, but there are so many other nice colours to finish off in the first place, maybe... But maybe also they want to leave something for later... I like the outfit, although it looks overall "heavy" on a Skeith
  14. this is great, after Lab Ray changes of my pet I have so many customs and dresses of the pets I don't want to own anyway... It will be a relief to the closet
  15. I am into the love-hate relation with this.... I LOVE how it looks, it's superb, really cool, fancy details, eyes, etc... But I must agree - it's no Darigan... It's great, but as a colour itself, but no Darigan colour....
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