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  1. To my friends: Neopets has frozen my account for some reason. The message when I try to log in says it was for cheating. This is not the case. I will contact them and try to get my account back. If you have any advice I'd appreciate it. Thanks. 

  2. Hi Meg, good luck on your move "up north: to Philly ?. I haven't read all of the above yet. If you are moving to a more urban area than you are used to, will you be OK or have you considered living in a more suburban area near the city? I'm in rural Michigan BTW. Maybe you could find a forum of Philly area topics and ask some locals too. And remember than it takes a range of opinions to get an accurate reading on anything. Keep us informed on what you learn. https://wikitravel.org/en/Philadelphia https://wikitravel.org/en/Philadelphia_Region I just checked the snowfall average there. My part of Michigan gets TRIPLE what they get.
  3. Happy Birthday ? ? Brian! I'm glad you were able to enjoy it (despite the rain).
  4. Hi Gypsy, if you could paint him any colors, what would your favorite choices be? This should be about making your dream pet. Who knows, you could get a Fountain Faerie Quest soon. It's also better to imagine what you'd like someday than to just settle for whatever now. You may have to wait, but meanwhile, think big. Here is a link to all the available Lutari colors for you to consider (click the pics to enlarge). I've never had one myself but I like their energy. But if you'd like to keep him Cloud for now, we can look at various wardrobe options for that. What activities and settings do you like for him? https://items.thedailyneopets.com/colors/show?species=53&color=
  5. Hi Kute. This is a great topic. I'm surprised that no one else has replied yet. I'll just give a brief reply for now. I'm from a rural area of Michigan. It's very white racially in the countryside but the cities are more diverse. Climate wise, we have four seasons, or as some would describe it, Winter and then every thing else. Winter lasts from late November through March here, with a chance of snow during all of those months, and an average of over 6 feet of the white stuff. And this isn't even the "snowy" part of Michigan ("up north" is). Unlike much of the Midwest, we are surrounded by the Great Lakes, and have beautiful sunsets on Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. There are countless small inland lakes and rivers too, so you are always within walking distance to fresh water here. I love animals, and can watch wildlife from my windows. Recently, I've seen deer, rabbits, and baby woodchucks (ground hogs). Some Summers I've seen coyotes in my yard, and have heard them already this Spring at night. The loudest sound in the morning are all of the variety of birds, both large and small. The trees we have include oak, maple, cherry, and pine. I Googled and found this link to a Michigan photographer. See the top ("Galleries") for many more photos. http://www.michigannutphotography.com/
  6. Many people have debit cards here too, usually issued from our banks. I have both debit and credit cards and use them at different times. I should have made that clearer. I think a gift card may actually be more like a debit card, in that it is limited in how much you can use it for (the amount you paid, such as $50). BTW, we have ALDI stores here too. I shop there sometimes. And use a credit card.
  7. That's fascinating to me. I'm curious to hear from JS about the UK for comparison. Here in the U.S. we use credit cards for groceries (and pumping gas) and every other retail purchase if the amount is more than the cash we have in our wallets, and sometimes even if we have plenty of cash on hand. There are other reasons such as getting money back for a defective product. The companies also give points for usage over time which can be redeemed later. As for gift cards, they are often on display either in the check out lanes or in special displays. They are also frequently given as an alternative to buying an actual present for someone, hence the name "gift" cards, and the image of a wrapped box on them. ? Using one won't raise red flags with one's regular credit card company because it's a completely separate thing, even if you have a CC from the same company that issues the gift card. For online purchases, think of it like a wallet of e-cash.
  8. I wasn't even thinking about Neopets gift cards. I meant $50 or $100 gift cards that are from credit card companies such as VISA and others that are sold in grocery and other retail stores. Then input the numbers as you would a regular credit card.
  9. I haven't paid for NC yet. I sometimes make online purchases with a CC. I have also used gift cards online a few times. You may want to try that. Buy one or two from a local store and keep track of how much you have used from them.
  10. WOW Amazing work Yuiina! I didn't expect THAT many backgrounds and foregrounds, but I like them! I have already seen some of them, but many are new to me. I'll post more later after I've had time to process all of this. Coincidentally, I chose that stairway for one of the Ruki looks as well. Thanks again!
  11. how do u meet ppl on the internet? This is how I usually do it. First I choose the right tunnel and then I keep walking until I find them... ...or they find me. . Welcome to TDN, enjoy your stay. (not creepy at all)
  12. Here is a cap of your page. It says you were "Last Spotted: Under one day ago". Would that be you or someone else? Have you logged in with a different device or location? I just sent you a Neomail. If you have your email set to receive notifications, you should see it. Let me know if you get my message. If you don't, then maybe someone changed the account to send to a different email address.
  13. I'm curious, Angelo. Did I miss an update on this? What did you decide and how did it go?
  14. So is it official then, that the boots are THE prize for doing this everyday? Or is there just a lag in their giving us something special like in past years? I had one green check mark for the Negg event and had consoled myself that I'd be sure to visit the quest page every day.
  15. I know exactly how you feel. For some reason, I have this game favorited and punish myself with it frequently. So many times the first two stages go quickly, then the 3rd stage takes forever. Many a game lasts an hour like you said. And of course my ego won't let me just end the game. I WANT those few hundred points! I was surprised yesterday that my game went so fast.
  16. As for a mutant Ruki, Impress lists 150 pages of backgrounds. I've only gone through a few. I imagine you'd want something dark and kinda creepy? He looks like he sneaks around a lot. Click on each of these for a larger view and the name of each background.
  17. I don't have any Rukis but I started playing around with yours on Dress to Impress. I searched for "pink" and here is one look I came up with. I then searched for shoes and thought these looked best. But she also looks good without any on. If this look is way too girlish and over the top feminine, let me know. Did you know she was royalty? https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1629434
  18. I looked at the values of both prize sets but decided to go with AAA. I play the game often and 430 is easy at medium. (I got 456 in a quick game today). But this was a good time to do Abi. Like we discussed earlier in the other thread, this is one of those times that the Abigail team challenge prize (Magnetic Tiles Koujong Toy) has a chance of being valuable, due to so many playing for AAA. It's currently still over 200,000 while the AAA team prize is only somewhat higher (KouJong Made Easy). Did anyone notice that they took the hyphen out of the item names this year? Past years had it in (search for Kou-Jong items and see).
  19. Looking for a partner for Team Challenge AAA. If for some reason I don't reply after a long time it means my computer is failing again so apologies in advance. I'll be out of the forum while I play so message me on Neopets please. Partner found and challenge completed.
  20. I'm looking for a partner for today's Kou-Jong Team Challenge (AAA). Message me soon on Neopets please. EDIT: Mods, I just realized there is a separate thread for this game. I hope it's OK to post this request there too. EDIT 2: Partner found and completed.
  21. Thanks, I just created one! I'll post him later!
  22. I usually keep a Shop Wizard page open for quests, but I had to leave suddenly and shut down. I'm looking for lowest prices for: Goldwing https://items.jellyneo.net/item/3280/ If you have time, message me here or on Neopets when you find the links. Thanks! EDIT: I have one in my Neodeck, so no need for your help after all!
  23. You're probably right. I seem to remember this happening in some past Daily Dares. I can't remember which years or which games but I believe some other Abigail prizes were worth more than the AAA prize due to fewer people getting it. I'd have to go back and check, but perhaps someone remembers.
  24. Are you sure about that? The two guides show the book as AAA's prize. Perhaps you just misspoke. But I think your point about why the values are currently what they are makes sense. I'm just wondering what they will be later. If for some reason I have to aim for Abigail's score I wonder if the globe will stay comparable in value.
  25. About today's game, Snowmuncher, and the prizes. As of right now, it shows the Abigail prize, Snowmuncher Snowglobe , as worth much more (about twice) than the AAA book prize. Do you know the reason for the difference, and do you think the globe will stay higher in value than the book, How to Avoid Bloating: Snowmunchers Guide
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