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    Piano, Singing, Guitar, Drawing, Cooking, Poetry, Writing, Reading, Sword Art Online, My Little Pony, Faeries, Art

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About Me

Welcome one and all to the world of excitement!....... No not really, but I can be pretty exciting!


My name is Airadel, Air or Aira for short!
I've been playing neopets for 9 1/2 years. I'm an introvert with extrovert qualities, I'm very strange, but I promise I make one interesting friend.
I love music! I sing, play piano and guitar. Woot-Woot! My taste in music is ALL OVER THE PLACE, I like pretty much anything; although recently I've been on a folksy kick (The Rend Collective Experiment, Phillip Phillips, Mumford and Sons)
I am EXTREMELY creative. I LOVE art. I make tons of things; anywhere from painting an old ugly brown dresser and making it look completely transformed to making my own costumes/cosplays for Halloween (Elsa from Frozen) 
I'm very slow to opening up certain parts of my life to people (being an introvert), but I love people and LOVE talking!


I also am extremely addicted to Faeries! Particularly Illusen and the Grey Faerie, and somewhat the Darkest Faerie (Don't ask me why, I don't know.... O.o)
I love helping others and giving what I can and I love going to church and spending time with God.
I hope to get to know you better!  :D  <3

                           *The Runway Trophies*                  

                                                                     2015                        2016                      2016

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