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  1. Omg you sound like a great person! I love gardening and my backyard chickens as well <3 (they are only for eggs not for eating). None of my friends will play with me either. I tried to get my boyfriend to play but he just doesn't understand it I guess. Feel free to friend me. My username is arctic_fox790. Enjoy your time on neopets!
  2. Sadly, I do not believe there is a way to opt out, but here is a guide provided by TDN http://www.thedailyneopets.com/wraith-resurgence/index/
  3. That's awesome! I almost had the same experience. I was looking at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop and saw a Magical Chia Pop selling for around 15k if I recall correctly. However, me being the noob that I was decided to look it up first since I was poor at the time and could not afford 15k on a whim. So because of my hesitation I missed out on a r99 item. I'll get it next time I just know it! Anyway congrats on your r99 item grab. :)
  4. I'm very happy with the CC boons. The avatar one is great because it allows you to get the other korbat - royal avatar that you are missing as before you could only get one or the other depending on the gender of your account. Sadly, I did not receive the royal avatar but am still happy with the mutant graveyard of doom II avatar since I am not very good at that game. I'm also very happy that we can receive retired site themes. I'm hoping the stat boost is pretty good because I'm tired of my pet not being able to beat any enemy on hard mode (this upset me because I've gotten every wraith resur
  5. Hello everyone! I am having trouble with the Quiguki April Fools avatar. TDN says to get this avatar "Visit the New Features page on April 1st/2nd after the yearly joke is taken down". I tried this two years in a row and have not received this avatar. It is not in my collection already. Is this avatar glitched, should I submit a ticket or am I doing something wrong here? Please Help Much thanks to any who answer, Arcticus Vulpes (twilight790)
  6. Just finished up a game of neoquest II a few days ago. There is a pretty helpful neoquest II game guide on jellyneo that has all of the maps laid out. Also, if you need a call back to the basics The Daily Neopets has a helpful guide called "Neoquest: A Beginners Guide" that has information on basic things like how to play and what the stats do.
  7. Here is my wishlist https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/arctic_fox790/ Thank you everyone! Edit: Sorry about not accepting the gifts everyone. I thought I accepted them all, but I did not see all of them I guess. Please try sending them again and I will be better about it this time. My bad. Thanks again!
  8. I wink with my right eye by default for some reason, but I can wink equally well with both eyes. I am left handed when I write and use eating utensils, but I do most other things with my right hand, such as using a computer mouse, throwing, holding a hockey stick, holding a baseball bat, etc. However, I can not write with my right hand AT ALL. lol
  9. I really want a super attack pea both for the avatar and for use in the battledome, but I do not see that happening any time soon lol
  10. I still need the Sway avatar. Feel free to help me out! :)
  11. Nobody should wear makeup everyday. It is extremely unhealthy for your skin and your body, since toxins are absorbed through the skin. I think makeup should only be worn on special occasions if at all. Makeup is made of plenty of nasty chemicals and animal products, including those derived from petroleum. There is virtually no regulation in the cosmetics industry except for the testing of these products on animals to make sure they do not cause immediate damage. However, this does not guarantee us that these products are safe for long term use. On top of this, makeup perpetuates sexism in soci
  12. I'm joining the Sway. It is the last avatar I need lol
  13. Wow! I'm so sorry to hear that. :( I am part of a guild called The Kindness Project and we are centered around giving neopian users items and pets they've always dreamed of. There is also another guild I know of that is centered only around zapping people's dream pets; it is called Zapping Your Dream Pet (ZYPD). It could be good for you to join one of these guilds or a guild like them to get your beloved hissi back. Also, there is a faerie festival or something coming up on september 20th I believe. Maybe you will get lucky and get a rainbow or grey faerie quest that will get you a dip in the
  14. The befriending dome was this year's april fool's day joke. So yes, it is a joke and is not real :)
  15. I think the answer to that question is yes. I am constantly zapping my pet with the lab ray, so I can't really give you an exact example, but I have noticed my pets get hungry and their mood decreases at different rates.
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