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  1. You definitely should be able to paint it Plushie (I checked Jellyneo to make sure the Plushie version isn't Unpaintable) so I would suggest reporting it to Neopets. It's unfortunate you're experiencing this glitch, but hopefully once Neopets are made aware of it they'll be able to fix it!
  2. Well, in the UK there's no quarantine (yet)... School closures were only announced yesterday and will come into effect after tomorrow, where they'll be closed until further notice. Nurseries and colleges will also follow. Most (if not all) universities are already conducting classes and courses online, and if there is any not yet doing so then after tomorrow they will be. Individual companies and institutions are closing, events are being cancelled or postponed, weddings are being limited to 5 people, but there are no lockdowns or quarantines in place yet except the prime minister urging
  3. I completely agree, I think the Spring Equinox (20th March) would've been a perfect day for Illusen Day, to mark the first day of spring!
  4. Currently reading 4 books: The Wisdom of the Enneagram The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a **** The Subtle Art of Not Giving a ****: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life A Geisha's Journey: My Life As A Kyoto Apprentice
  5. I live in the UK so none of them ? I buy most of my clothes from Primark, New Look, Select, and Missguided. I also like shopping at Quiz, H&M, F&F, Dorothy Perkins, and Monsoon. There are many others I occasionally shop at, including some American brands like Forever 21 whenever I find one. Nowadays I do most of my clothes shopping online at Depop, eBay, Amazon, Boohoo, ASOS, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing etc. Uniqlo is a big favourite of mine, whenever I'm in a major city or Japan. G.U in Japan as well.
  6. Tombola and raffle are both used to mean the same thing in the UK, but nowadays I hear the term raffle used a lot more than tombola. I pick number 7 please and my username is exquiisiite ?
  7. She has to be a Blumaroo, it just fits too well! After all, Pizzaroo is owned by a Blumaroo. Stealthy Blumaroo would be funny. Rainbow, red or purple are other options too, along with a cute delivery themed outfit.
  8. Actually, it does exist... Hawaii and the Canary Islands. However, they are somewhat isolated islands along with Hawaii being the most expensive US state to live in. The Canary Islands is a lot more affordable but you'll need to learn some Spanish ?
  9. I don't think it's a birthday thing, as I've managed to get a bag of broken neopoints fixed for free and it wasn't my birthday. However, it's only happened once and I don't think it has anything to do with how frequently (or infrequently) you use his services...I think it's just a case of being lucky! It could also be a mainly birthday thing though, and my situation was just an extremely lucky occurrence that's possible without it being your birthday ?
  10. Aw, I personally love the Candy Ixi!
  11. I can personally confirm that Turmy and Buried Treasure are still working - I got them both quite recently. One of my friends got the Snowager avatar recently so that one is also still working ? I don't think any of them are broken, per se, just really difficult to get and require a lot of luck. For some people they can get them extremely easily whilst for others it takes years. I was starting to ever lose hope of getting that Coconut Shy avatar after maxing out my daily throws for MONTHS on end every single day, but I FINALLY got it about 2 weeks ago! No longer do I have to listen
  12. Wow, your gallery is so aesthetically pleasing Love this one as well! Can't wait to see it more filled ?
  13. This is amazing! I personally agree with everything others have said, and am glad other things e.g. site events participated in, avatar count, etc. are taken into account. I also agree with full collateral being asked for, as at least you have a contingency plan in place as some people can either be careless or just plain unlucky (e.g. random events).
  14. I'm British, and this is legitimately the first time I've ever heard of this ? Do Americans love finding out what's going on in the UK, and find fake news stories? I mean, it's true knife crime is a problem (especially in London) but the whole banning sales of knives and...going door to door?! ? The police can't even cope with basic responsibilities, and the government/council take weeks/months to sort out potholes in the roads. At the moment, EastEnders (a popular British soap opera) is doing a big story line about knife crime...so maybe that might have influenced this mania?
  15. I got that message too! I had sent in an email to the support team last week, though. I'm glad all my hard work didn't go unrewarded! Also, if you go on the Wraith Resurgence HQ achievements page, you need to go to the Fiendish Formations "A Stickler for Time" achievement and open it to get the avatar!
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