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  1. I have a bunch of pets UFT, including colors like chocolate, darigan, wraith, dimensional, transparent, marble, ice, and baby. I'm open to all offers, but i do have a list of dream pets you can check if you're interested. I'm not very picky with names. The only pet i'm really picky with is Kimtiki. You can message me here or neomail me darkesse_starr on neopets http://www.neopets.com/~antreh UFT Pets http://www.neopets.com/~krechel Dream Pets
  2. blue40 the baby eyrie male UFT requirements: Looking for a baby aisha Contact: darkesse_starr
  3. JuniorElephante is UFT species: elephante color: Baby gender: male level: 18 message me here or neomail me offers, darkesse_starr I'm not looking for anything specific, and offers can be level 1. I'm more interested in names/paint color.
  4. Limikank the baby grarrl is UFT pm offers or neomail my main darkesse_starr
  5. Currently I do not have access to a computer, and won't for a few days. I'll remember that though, thank you.
  6. There are many issues i wish TNT would fix. Personally, from some of the things I have seen I think neopets should get a new team. while the current tnt does their job, they do it slowly and it seems they have stolen fanart before, and seem to have issues with giving players the neocash they bought, and people get frozen for seemingly no reason, and it takes ages to get a reply from them when you do submit a ticket. And now, issues with players being locked out of their accounts. It saddens me, neopets was a big part of my childhood, and is difficult to revisit now, because of all oof these li
  7. I am having a similar issue. I made a new side account this morning, but during creation, I ran into an error message when I entered my email, so I refreshed. Afterwards I was able to continue making the account, but couldnt make a pet for it on my mobile. I had to sign out, and when i tried to sign in again an hour later, it took me to the "bad password" error message. I went to reset my password, and did not get an email, so I tried using the "forgot username" just to see if it would show up as beig associated with my email, and the new account was not on the list. The name of the account me
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