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  1. I've been published a few times now, hoping to get 10 publications for the avatar within the year! I've never had a submission rejected, although I have had one held for several issues before it was published. They accept all types of articles - listicles, quizzes, column-styles, reports, opinion pieces, just about anything. I'm not sure about getting stories published, but I believe it's easiest to get one published when there aren't too many active series. It's a little harder to get published now, because the NT doesn't seem to come out consistently anymore, but don't let that discourage yo
  2. Nope, this bug has happened to a lot of people. I've had it twice. You didn't receive a stat boost, when this happens your reward is stolen by the glitch and it's as if you never completed the quest. Consider sending in a ticket!
  3. I work as a unit aide on the pediatric intensive care unit of a major children's hospital. A unit aide does all the things that you don't think about being done in the hospital - mainly ordering and stocking supplies and reprocessing rooms and equipment between patients; but also assisting with minor patient care tasks, bagging and removing laundry, preparing kits and stocking carts for procedures and emergencies, setting up spaces for procedures and circumstances such as infection isolation, ensuring clean laundry is folded and sufficiently stocked in the right places, general tidying up of t
  4. You're right! I never noticed that, cool!!
  5. Same happened to me one of the times I used Spiked - the second time, my level went up. First time, no difference ... but it does say it can affect intelligence, and I don't really pay attention to that, so I assumed that was the stat that went up.
  6. Honestly, this is one of the last straws for me. TNT can't seem to create a decent event without major bugs, they can't put out a simple newsletter once a week, they can't communicate with us at all anymore. They seem to want to punish us with each event - harder and harder with less reward, telling us we should've done this and that differently, like a bad boss who's bitter and doesn't give enough feedback. The NT not being out AGAIN this week is making me seriously consider leaving. It did change my mind about going premium, which I was intending to do Friday on my payday. I'd like to s
  7. Remember to discard, not donate!! Donated items don't count toward the avatar.
  8. Nope, the only difference is once per day versus once per battle. If you have a strong pet or only battle opponents who you can defeat in one go, Lens Flare will be good for you, since you can use it with each battle you do daily. If you battle opponents that are technically out of your league - ie the Space Faerie, etc for the avatar - then Throw Pillows works best because you can stay in the battle for a few days and slowly defeat the opponent without ever giving them a chance to attack by using only one turn per day.
  9. I learned this the other day with the Space Faerie. Ugh. Week 2 of the throw pillows method is underway ....
  10. Which games are you trying? Many of the games don't work anymore due to being Shockwave-based.
  11. As far as Neopets goes, support requests usually take a few months. Follow the steps in the thread about frozen accounts, it talks about how to improve your chances of getting a fast response!
  12. That happens to me if I switch tabs while Trudy is still spinning. If I just stay on that tab until it shows me my prize, it works fine!
  13. I've had problems with a couple different Neopets links, but not those particular ones. For me it's mostly back buttons, like when you accept a Brain Tree quest and it has a "back to the Haunted Woods" button. They just go to the Neopets Community or Calendar page.
  14. Thank you!! I battle daily until I max out the item/neopoint prizes anyway, so I've just been switching to doing Obelisk battles when I'm part of a faction, but my battle pet isn't very good yet (stats only around 100 each) so I haven't been messing with the super high level opponents. Just wanted to make sure I'm eligible for the avatars at my current abilities. Thanks!!
  15. So - to be eligible for the avatar, I just have to win 10 Obelisk War battles in the battledome, right? Any 10? And have my team be the one that wins, of course. But it doesn't matter which battles I do?
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