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  1. Took the girls to the Zoo today and they had a blast. My favorite part of the day was seeing the African Elephant up close and personal. She was out for a walk around the zoo with her caretakers. We were about 2 feet away from her as she walked by. We were in petting and hugging range! We stayed to the side of the walkway and stayed put as she walked by. Her lead caretaker led her by gently pulling her trunk in the direction he wanted her to go. Less movements than one would use to guide a horse. I was so mesmerized by her I forgot to take a picture or a video of her as she walked by. That was the closest I've ever been to an elephant and I'm still starstruck!

    My second favorite was watching the seals. They were our first stop and we enjoyed them so much we went back to watch them before we left. Our first stop I took a picture of the girls on the seal statue. Our second visit to them I took a video of them swimming. They are amazing swimmers! My 3 year old didn't want to leave them the first time and it was a struggle to get her to carry on.

    My 6 year old enjoyed seeing the Tiger the most I think. My 3 year old loved the elephant.

    A wonderful way to end the summer holidays!

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