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Happy Bori Day!

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1 hour ago, berriganify said:

amin? ooo, is this another character outfit?

Yes: Armin
Armin the Small was a Bori that Hannah befriended during the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot and was one of the first of the Bori race to be freed of the curse. He was also the one to deliver the blow (with his slingshot) that took down the Bringer of Night.

I absolutely adore this Toy Bori, it is so cute! I love that they`re finally doing something creative with the Toy colour, and I hope they continue with it!

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There's someone on the boards accusing TNT of stealing their Bori design, but it seems this is actually an homage to a classic Fisher Price toy


seems the person doing the accusing has done this before too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I really like this bit of creativity though, and wonder what other actual toys could have been recognised with this paint brush.



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I had the dog xylophone toy as a kid, so seeing it come back in a Bori design is getting it an automatic 10/10 for me lol. It's really creative how they designed the back in a similar way, and even put the bone toy in the mouth XD

And the Armin design is also wonderful! Simple, but cute!

Amazing (and oddly nostalgic) day for the Bori!

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