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NC Mall: Free Birthday Goodie Bag!

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@Angel贸 is that a typical guy reaction to cake? :laugh:

This looks like it's the cake from the birthday theme, which I love; always thought it was the best-looking rainbow cake I've ever seen, so I'm very happy with this item. :yum:


Of course I may change my mind once I've tried it on people, we shall see! xD

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Claimed! Happy days! I wish they'd given the discount code a week ago when I was buying a ridiculous amount of Baby Capsules though! I'm not so keen on the birthday caps and can't justify spending more NC on items that I would literally just be putting up for trade!

@LekkerLekker89, yes the caps will give out random items from their list plus the chance of a LE. The balloon bouquet is a LE item, so may be worth trading in future.

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21 hours ago, Sciurus carolinensis said:

I like how it looks. Also, today may be the first time I've ever bought a mystery capsule and got what I wanted first try. The聽Vanilla Birthday Cake Dress is very cute.

lotso pink.PNG

I love how angry the Meepits look about the cake xDDD

That really makes sense though, a rainbow of colour being exactly what they would not want. The red and yellow ones get a layer each, and the blue one that we can't see, but I guess the pink one's especially mad as there's nothing for him. :laugh:聽 Was this your intent? This is making me giggle. xD

聽I could recreate this with Stoopzy and it'd have fun impact, no visible pet detracting from the glares.聽 :laugh:


ALSO, I like the irony of your pet being hungry, that slice of cake wouldn't have lasted five minutes, LOL.

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