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When does DD start this year?

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Daily Dare should be starting soon. No one knows for sure when the start date will be. It's my guess that it may start towards the end of the Altador Cup or it could run alongside the Altador Cup. All depends on how TNT wants to schedule things this year.

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GMC, typically, has started around Thanksgiving (US), and once or twice in the beginning of December, IIRC. Hopefully, we will still have it, this year (2020).

As for Daily Dare, I don't think it will happen, per this:

ref: Neopian Times Editorial, Issue: 900, 1st day of Hunting, Y22 (1 May 2020), Question #2 - http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&issue=900


Hi, can you let us know what the next site event will be? Will it be Charity Corner or Daily Dare - or have those been postponed/cancelled? Will it be the Altador Cup? I just want time to plan so I can maximize my time on the great job you've all been doing!
The next site event will be...Altador Cup. We really wanted to daily dare next but with half the staff being on mobile it's pretty tricky trying to plan too many events at once. Hope you can understand. But we are super excited for the tournament! Which team will you be on?

Although they didn't answer the question directly, it gives the impression DD is cancelled/not going to happen. I could be wrong, been wrong before, and would like to be proved wrong by Neopets having Daily Dare in 2020. Wouldn't hurt my feelings and I'd take any flack.

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