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Happy Kyrii Day!


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8 minutes ago, hrtbrk said:

That poor unfortunately Burlap. Not a shadow or touch of dimension to be found. It looks very incomplete and I hope that's not the final version.

I have never been a fan of this pet.  I have had them briefly thru a zap but never have I had one I wanted to keep. I have to agree, I hope this isn't the finished product but I have to say I believe it is.  Sad day for this pet!

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My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

I suggested burlap on the suggestions thread, but asked for one of the creepier, OG-style burlaps. I suppose I got my hopes up too much, with the kyrii's mane I suppose it was inevitable that they would have done the cuter style with that weird straw, instead of the wires they used to use. :sad02:

Guess I'll hold out hope for the buzz, it's a less traditionally cutesy pet, so there's still hope, right? Right? I'm not gonna be stuck with an ogrin for my burlap, am I?

Between this and my neoquest save getting deleted, I'm thinking about just taking a semi-hiatus or something.

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Yeah I agree with the general community here, I don't hate the look of it, but they really could've tried harder. Sad it was on the Kyrii, it's not one of my favorites, but I like some of its Colors.

I love the candy design for the Outfit though! It's certainly not the prettiest idea, but it's so creative and silly and fun! As if the Candy Kyrii couldn't be made of more sugary goodness!

And the second Outfit is nice as well! The shiny hair design is gorgeous, the plush, colorful armor is wonderful, and the earring really pops!

I'm not sure why they didn't do the air designs for the Kyrii, I've noticed in other cases they do all the other ones but not air... Weird. But regardless this set is still nice! The huge, almost afro-like hair for the plant, the smooth rounded fire, and the swirly pearly water! All really cute in their own ways. 🙂

While the collection could've been better, this was still a fair day for the Kyriis!

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Eh, I actually quite like the Burlap. Although it's not going to beat Burlap Kau for my heart.

I do like the elemental designs - particularly water - and the new outfit. The plushie is indeed adorable and my gallery needs it.

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