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Happy Gelert Day!


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Really neat design for Candy! While the base is plain, the colorful specks make it really fun! It almost looks like confetti haha!

And my, that outfit is stunning! It looks so ethereal, especially the way the claws look mixed in with the smoke, and the eyes look almost ghostly! 

What an amazing day, Gelerts!

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**squints at candy**  It looks more like she rolled in it than is made of it.  It's kinda cute.

Wonder if that outfit would be way too much for my wraith?  Hahaha, it probably would be WAY too much for her!  Huh, it would not.  Funny enough it is the TAIL that would take away her robes, unless dress to impress has a glitch at the moment.  (was going to put both images, but it was over the upload limit.  Ah well.)  Hmmmmmmmm.  Maybe I need to keep an eye out for these things.  


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I love the outfit. I'll have to pick it up for my Darigan Gelert when it falls in price.

Not so sure about the colour though. It looks more diseased than candy. I think the candy pieces need to be bigger or the base colour needs to be different. Brown works far better than the red they've used, although it's not great.


Someone tried their hand at re-designing it on Reddit to great effect:


I particularly like the little candy freckles! But with larger more vibrant pieces, the colour works really, really well.

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