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Happy Xweetok Day


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Interesting to see them go with a new look for the Silver xwee! I'm not sure I like it that much though, the effect looks a bit weird.

The barista is super cute!! Love the usage of the extended paw to hold the tray with the mugs 🥰

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I do think the fur highlights are a big odd considering they're supposed to be made of silver, but I still think it's a neat design! There's not a whole lot that they can do with the designs of Silver pets since it's a pretty basic color, so it's neat seeing a little change.

I love this new outfit however! The little platter, the cute apron, it's perfect.

Xweetoks are one of my favorite, and I can't say I'm unimpressed today!

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On 11/30/2022 at 3:00 PM, Aranel said:

it also looks ENTIRELY different from every other silver pet, which bugs me. It shouldn't because I don't have nor want a Xweetok, let alone a silver one, but like... I like consistency.

Most colours have one or two outliers (like the spotted vandagyre or the speckle usul). I do agree that consistency is nice, though, especially with the colours that have shifted their direction over time. Sometimes I like it (with the Toy colour, for example.) Other times... *cough burlap cough* not so much.

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