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Happy Lupe Day!

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While this Lupe may not look like the other Toy designs, looking all shiny and plastic, it certainly looks very cute! The fluffiness is making me wish I could hug it haha. I vaguely remember having a stuffed animal that looked exactly like this too... 🤔

And Coltzan is here too! I really like the design, I'm not big on many of the Lost Desert designs, but the colors in this one really work together well, it goes nicely with the design of the Lupe too!

Really awesome day for the Lupes!

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The Toy Lupe ... It's a FLOOOF ! SO FLOOOOOOOFY !

and the Coltzan clothes .. I need them for Drastan !!


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11 hours ago, Angeló said:

 I see what you're talking about but I can't put my finger on it

My first thought was maybe it's supposed to be like a beanie baby, or maybe some type of plushie toy I had as a kid, but I can't seem to figure it out, it's driving me nuts.

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HE'S SO FLOOFY! I need it!! So very floofy! *runs in circles excitedly* *stops* Oh darn it, that's two Toy Paintbrushes I now need to pick up...

The Cotzan design is cool as well. Possibly a cheaper 'crosspaint' option than an LD paint brush!

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