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New Zombie Vandagyre

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Wow! Every year I look so much forward to seeing what new colour(s) Vandagyre will get, and it`s such a rare treat for a pet to get a new colour outside of their pet day. Zombie is a fitting choice considering Halloween was yesterday. The lack of clothing is slightly disappointing, considering deluxe paint brush clothing is a nice perk of owning pets in certain colours, but it`s not unique, several other Zombie pets are naked. With that said, it leaves more room to properly show off the pet, and there is fantastic detail on the Zombie Vandagyre, the artist really went all out on this one! The skull splitting open, the bone peeking out from the wings and on the tail, plus the whole pet just looking all gross and rotten. Fantastic job! My immediate reaction upon seeing this was "Wow! I really like it, but the feathers around the eyes look like leaves!" lol
But seriously, great job on this one, and I look forward to seeing another colour and a new outfit on Vandagyre Day, these cute things need more stuff to wear! ❤️

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LOVE the attention to detail on this! The color is a bit off, but only for the white parts. It's a bit too odd-looking next to the rest of the dark and moldy colors, but other than that the coloring is great. The way the bones and flesh stick out works really well with the Vandagyre, perfect choice!

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