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Neopets Down For Maintenance TONIGHT!

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Still Dead Sea salty from the Charity Corner epic disaster of a week ago so not spending much time on the site and cancelled Premium in disgust, but still have Neopets on my Twitter feed. Will pass on any later updates if needed!

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I just got on about a week ago from years ago. i couldnt remeber my main account but luckily i remmebered one of my sides. If i may ask what happened? or if the wound is to fresh i dont mind.

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The CC from 2014, the one where you donated 5 items and got one back, has been live for years and in secret some players were abusing the glitch. Then this holiday weekend, they told people about it on the boards. I missed those posts but wouldn't have done it anyway through fear of being frozen, but that format was my favourite and I was gutted.  Plus, didn't need toys; could donate with anything so people made literal billions with it in a day. Billions.

TNT were told, closed it inefficiently, posted that people had surely not realized they shouldn't play (Christmas themed, a week earlier TNT said there was no CC but yeah, SURE they didn't realize...) and they would not be frozen and could keep the thousands of R99s they'd stolen.

Guess what? Link still active for another few days before finally taken down.


Salty doesn't come close. I was crying with rage.


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People used to scold me for liking that 5 for 1 format and told me it ruined the economy. Can't say I noticed, but that 4-5 days sure as heck did.


Will be at least another three hours, they say.

Update: Neopia is almost back online! We need to extend our maintenance window to up to 3 more hours. We apologize for the inconvenience and the distance you are experiencing from your Neopets, you will be reunited soon! Thank you for your patience.

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