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What good things have happened to you lately?


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The only thing that has happened to me lately is that I went to Cappadocia, to the balloon parade. I have long wanted to go there, I first learned about this place from a photographer who make great pictures. It's a great place to be every second. The emotions from a hot air balloon flight are fantastic.  I recommend everyone who has not yet tried to fly, be sure to try.


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On 5/16/2021 at 7:09 PM, Naamah D. said:

1. I found out I’m on the waiting list for my first apartment 

2. I get to eat sushi for the first time in nearly a year

Congrats on getting on the waiting list! Good luck with your first apartment when your turn comes up! :D

Honestly, not much "good"
has happened to me in the last few months, or this year really.... lol Guess I can say I started on an old project for the first time in ages, and it feels good having something artistic to do more frequently. Had been in a rather dry patch recently as far as creative things go.

I'm also looking forward to Christmas, seeing my niece and nephew mainly, and seeing their reaction to the gifts I got them. 😉 It ain't easy shopping for new and old teenagers. lol (One is 13 and one is 19. lol)

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