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Happy Krawk Day!

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9 hours ago, e_c said:

The outfit is nice, though I think the dentist headband thingy (not sure what the proper name for it is) would look better without the wig and the gloves ought to be layered under the sleeves. 

Headband thingy? That would be a head mirror, which is more often used by physicians and regular doctors as opposed to dentists.

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Toy is nice, I wish they had made it look more like a reptile, though, given it scales and stuff. 😛 Oh well, it does look nice and shiny and I like the colours on it.

Doctor was my first thought when I saw the outfit, it`s also missing some tool or something to underline the fact that it`s supposed to be a dentist.

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I like both the Toy and the outfit, although I agree that the wig and the head mirror ought to be two seperate items... particularly for those of us who don't do hair on their neopets!!

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