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Happy Kacheek Day!

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The Oil Paint color on the Kacheek is actually really pretty, the nose and mouth could be fixed though. And I feel they could've gone with a more natural color to go with the orange instead of purple, but not too bad. The outfit it pretty cute, but the hat kind of looks wrong on the Kacheek... just me?

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Ooh, swirly. Oil Paint looks quite nice, the colours work nicely together and don`t clash - with the exception of the nose and mouth, as already mentioned above. Strange choice.

The outfit is nice, we have several explorer outfits already for various species, TNT seems to think they`re fun to do. 😉 I would have liked to see more accsessories, such as a backpack/knapsack, a rope, a spade or pickaxe or a map.. something to underline the theme. I do like the nice details of the feather in the hat and the scarf, though. :D
The moustache and beard, while nicely drawn, don`t really fit the Kacheek, as they`re so "baby-faced" and cute.. maybe a small moustache or some stubble would look better.

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