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Sciurus carolinensis

Meet Placeholder's Permanent Replacement!

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Now that I finally have the Turmaculus avatar, I gave Chaos520_4_4 a Gulper to replace her devoured Uniocto. Today I painted it white to match its owner. I randomly named it Teacup when I first attached it and it goes well with the Inside a Tea Cup item I got the other day. I've never found a use for Ragged Spectres Cape until now that I've used it to look like there's actually liquid in the cup. I like how her customization turned out, but this has to be one of more surreal outfits I've attempted. Too bad Dress to Impress doesn't show the Swirling Lightmite Shower at all.



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4 hours ago, shauns_fiancee said:

i love it!  so cute!  how did the petpet get devoured btw please?

It woke up the Turmaculus and the Turmaculus was hungry. I got an avatar out of it, and now I'm never visiting it again. 


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