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Mysterious Negg Cave Help Thread


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Hi all.


I am new here, but i am having real trouble with probarbly the simplest negg puzzle.

First off i have read a bajillion guides, but i just canot get the grasp on this. I only want the avatar. If someone points out the right combo for this puzzle, it will shed some light on the exact thing i am supposed to achieve.






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By overlapping them in a way you won't get doubles you would get:


Yellow - red wind - blue square

square - Blue wind - Yellow fire

empty - red - wind


Then you would fill out the rest so you will get every shape in every color (So without having doubles.)


This would give you:


Yellow square - Red wind - Blue square

Red square - Blue wind - Yellow fire

Blue fire - Red fire - Yellow wind


Good luck!



Okay, so I solve this every day without much problems and today I get stuck. The solution I have does not open my negg.








The problem is the squares, I can't seem to find another place to put them, which in turn forces the others like I have in the picture... There has to be another solution but I can't see it, any help would be appreciated.




Well, apparently you shouldn't refresh your page as it gives you a new puzzle, did not know that. So, I had another puzzle that was easy to solve. So this post is a bit useless now.

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42 minutes ago, Justaharpy said:

Please help me with this!

If you would like an explanation on how to get the solution:


(Reading the hints provided to you from left to right on each "line")

The two yellow go in 6 & 9 because you can't have 2 of the same symbol with the same color.

The remaining yellow goes in 7 because you already have a yellow shield.

The red can only go in 5 because the furthest squares on the right are already filled by yellow.

The first purple can only go in 8 because you just filled the only other slot it could go in with red.

The second purple can only go in 4 because the remaining empty symbols on the second row are already filled with colors.

From there it's essentially just using process of elimination to fill in the remaining colors.

I'm not really good at explaining things so please let me know if you still have any questions!


If you would just like the solution:




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2 hours ago, Justaharpy said:

Please help me with this!


  Reveal hidden contents



Alternatively, TDN also has a page for "The Mysterious Negg Cave Puzzle Solver", located here: http://thedailyneopets.com/articles/negg-solver/. Copy & Paste the source code into the solver, and it will give you either the solution, or one possible solution, to the puzzle. I like these types of puzzles, so I always try to solve them myself, first. However, the "solver" can be handy, especially if you don't have much time to complete your dailies. Hope this helps.

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