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  1. A young Fire Faerie steps forward. "Woollen Cap" she blurts. "Oh, I mean, please find me one. Thanks!"
  2. I need a Puppyblew to complete the daily quest, thanks.
  3. I love Kacheeks, they are so cute. I am totally in love with the new elderly colours (specially the male one). They did an amazing job this time.
  4. The camo looks not natural to me. I don't know, it looks pretty similar to using a pattern on photoshop to fill in a shape or so :S
  5. I really like the clothing!!! I am not a fan of clay or relic colours but I think both (specially clay) look nice on Aishas.
  6. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Sell! SELL!!' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Yaaaay! Finally I got it! It took me a long time because I forgot to buy daily :whistle:
  7. I guess that they are okey. Not really powerfull but they look nice.
  8. I don't really like the mutant, something bothers me (I don't know what), on the other hand I love the 8-bit. Really cute! :wub_anim:
  9. Awww! It is really cute. I miss that they added a water bow tie on him, but anyway it looks awesome :wub_anim:
  10. I found a little mistake on TDN coverage to GMC. DAY 2: Please Stand Still Reach a score of 560 or greater playing Wingoball (guide). The real score is 790. The 560 score is only for the Itchy invasion game :nerd: Please Stand Still Reach a score of 790 or greater playing Wingoball.
  11. Wow! I love that Ruki clothing set!!! I feel it is one of the cutest outfits they have created lately.
  12. That baby Vandagyre is just sooooo cute. Those big eyes are killing me. The new polka dots pets are fine (not really a fan of that colour, but looks nice on them).
  13. I really like the purple one and the polka dot looks nice but I feel like it is kind of confusing when you look at their faces. About the clothing... It looks really nice but maybe taking the blue Vandagyre as the model was not a really good idea :P
  14. Everything is so sad. I'm from Spain and I've been awake all night watching the horrible news. I still can't believe what happened. But I must say that lots of people are suffering this kind of terrorit attacks all over the world (almost every day) and it looks like we only realize when the attacks take place on Europe or in USA. I feel that is kind of sad too. (I'm not trying to open a debate, sorry if it sounds something in that way)
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