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Happy Draik Day!


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All in all, this is a really good Draik day! I especially like that they've released the Marble Draik egg - maybe it'll be easier to get than the Marble PB.

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10 hours ago, GillyTook said:

I STILL say it is completely disturbing that draik eggs are sold in the food store.  

Otherwise, so many of these are so cool ❤️  I love the hydra and the elementals.  

Sooo true haha, it weirds me out too, but I guess some Neopets are carnivores. You should get crazy stats if you eat it instead of hatch it.

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While I adore the colors for the Steampunk design, it does feel a bit messy... But in comparison to many other Steampunk Pets, this is actually an improvement. I like the wings having the little details to make it seem like those prototype aircraft ideas 🙂

The metallic Outfit is pretty nice! Love the mix of the different metals, the copper, silver, and gold all form a great gradient!

And the hydra design, wow! The different faces on each head, the unique colors, the tears in the wings, it's perfect for a terrifying yet beautiful beast!

And the elemental designs! (Minus the air again, I guess those are harder to make wearables for...) The plant one is GORGEOUS, which makes up for there only being 3! The shading and coloring on every leaf is magnificent, and makes the Woodland Draik look so much better. The fire one is a bit too bright for me, there's a bit too much going on when the set is all together. But once again, the detail is wonderfully chaotic! I'm really loving this water one too, the wings being sliced almost makes it seem like ice sheets, melting into the water we see.

What a glorious day for the Draiks!

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