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Happy Tonu Day!


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I don't understand the Armour on the Elderly Tonu 

Are they like a medieval King and Queen ?

On the other hand I need to get my hands on that outfit for my Under the Sea Gallery

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8 hours ago, berriganify said:

That's really cool armour but.... am i the only one who thinks it doesn't seem very elderly themed? More fantasy or medieval...

The outfit is. Uh. Interesting.

Same thoughts from me.  I want to cross paint a tonu now with that armour and something that doesn't make them look so old, haha.  I'd just feel bad making mine elderly for a bit to get it.

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I'm also quite confused why the Tonus appear more medieval in their Elderly Color. I think their original Royal Boy/Girl outfits are good, so I don't know why they would go for this instead of just making it an outfit choice. It does look very nice! Just a bit weird of a choice haha.

Oh but this outfit is perfectly sea themed! The nose and tail seem silly, but I really like it all put together! Is it the sea floor come to life, or did a Tonu just go scuba diving haha!

Some peculiar yet great themes for the Tonus!

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The fact that the helmet is kinda just balanced on the main bothers me a lot. I... do not know why, but it does!! With the male there's just a tiny bit of the base mane showing which is sloppy. The female is even odder, is it meant to be a plate of metal rather than a full helm?? I do not know.

I do like the outfit though. It's over the top and chaotic and kinda awesome!

@Angeló the trumpet would go well in your music gallery I'd have thought as well!

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