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Enter the Runway #152!


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Be sure to check out the rules if you're new to this contest (or if you simply want to refresh your knowledge of them). They can be found right here.
If you want to send me a screenshot of your entry (instead of the image DTI provides), but don't know how, check out this guide.

Current theme: Fall Festivities
Description: Pick any pet you want, and create a fall-themed entry.
Entering period: Monday, November 14 - Sunday, November 27 December 4**
Voting period: Monday, November 28 December 5 - Sunday, December 5 11

If you have any questions about this round, or the Runway in general, just post them here, or send me a message*. :smile:  

*And if my inbox happens to be full (again), just tag me in a post here and I'll get right on that.

**Entering period extended due to lack of entries.

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 Ooh I'm keen for this! It's spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, but we still see all of the autumn/winter themes for Christmas and it's a weird time haha. Even when it is autumn here it doesn't look anything like what we see in American/European winter. Mostly its still green grass and leaves on trees 😛

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I hate to do this again - especially because I did receive more entries (thanks everyone!) - but DTI is acting up (not showing a couple of entries), and I'm missing at least one image/screenshot, which I can't get now, due to the links/images not working. I'll message the people whose entries/images aren't showing, and I'll keep trying throughout the week to see if the images are visible again and I can put the round up. Sorry for yet another delay!

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Thank you all for getting back to me so quickly! As you'll have noticed, I did not actually get back to you. 😶

Sorry about that; I have no idea why I so optimistically said I'd try to get this done throughout the week, considering I could've (should've) known I'd neither have the time nor the energy to do that. 😅

The round is (finally) up now though. Sorry for the delay!

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