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I figured it might be useful to have a guide about taking/sending screenshots, as DTI often provides images that look a little different from the customisation, and using a screenshot ensures we can use the best possible image for your entry in the Runway.

Some things to keep in mind:
- I'm writing this guide with an absolute beginner in mind, so some steps might be over-explained.
- I'm a Windows user, so I've never personally tested the tips for a Mac.
- I've not discussed sending a screenshot from a tablet/phone, as I'm not sure how difficult cropping & uploading it might be from these devices.

Here we go:

1. Take the screenshot.

In Windows, you can use the print screen (prt sc) button on your keyboard and then crop the image in a program like Paint, or use the snipping tool on your computer. (Just type 'snipping' into the search bar, or press the Windows Key + Shift + S.) You can find more detailed info on taking a screenshot in Windows on this page.

On a Mac, you can press Command + Shift + 4. This should make a rectangle appear, which you can drag to the portion of the screen you want a screenshot of. The screenshot should be saved to your desktop once you've taken it. See this page for more info on how to take a screenshot on a Mac. 

2. Save the screenshot.

In most programs, the save option should probably be pretty self-explanatory for the average computer user (but if not, let me know!). (File -> 'Save As' for Windows programs; the Mac screenshot should've been saved to your desktop anyway.)

3. Upload the screenshot.

To be able to send/post a screenshot, you'll have to have a URL for it. Thankfully, there are a ton of sites where you can get one. My personal favourite (at the moment) is https://postimages.org/ as it's easy to use and the colour of the screenshots is really good. You can also use sites like https://imgur.com/ or https://imgbb.com/, whichever you prefer.
Most of these sites will have a pretty big 'upload image' button. Click it, and locate your image.
After selecting the image, the upload will most likely start immediately (or perhaps you'll have to hit 'OK' or something; it might depend on the site you use). You'll then be directed to a page with a lot of URLs. Use the 'direct link', which should look something like this: https://i.postimg.cc/gJhKqWqw/Barry-the-Time-Sprout.jpg. The important thing is, that it should end in .jpg or .png or another image file format.

4. Send the screenshot.

Copy the 'direct link' and paste it into the message (or forum post). TDNs editor should turn it into an image almost immediately (but sometimes you'll need to hit Enter to trigger it). It'll also ask if you'd rather display the image as a link instead (which is how I posted the direct link above), but you can ignore that, as you're looking to post the image. :smile:

You'll be able to resize the image (although you can only make it smaller than the original image, not bigger) by double clicking the image and entering the amount of pixels you want it to be. (I use 300 x 300 for the entries in the Runway threads (this is also the 'medium' sized image on DTI), so sending an image that is originally bigger than that is fine.)


That's pretty much it. If you have any questions, just let me know!

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Thank you Nielo! This is really helpful. DTI does like to mess with some things!

The in-post image resizing is a game-changer! :D

Sooo, when DTI  misbehaves with the images for sharing bit; I can just take a screenie of the main dress up image,  paste it in here, and resize it just like that! ?

Can you tell this has somewhat blown my mind? lol.

*does it now*

See THESE... these pesky Hanging fronds... DTI likes to kill 'em!


LOOK at the state of 'em!


SO! *cracks knuckles* (OWW! Why do I do that?!)


*pasty paste*


Nope don't wanna keep original aspect ratio, I'll have 300x300 pixels plz, update!!

BAM, no dead leaves!


I feel so pleased with myself it's like I've just learned to tie my own shoes or something. ?

Incidentally, because I use the Firefox screenshot tool  I don't have to mess with any image saving/uploading either. :happydance:


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I already know how to take screenshots, but I`m sure many people don`t, so this is a good and helpful guide to those who need it. Lots of items look glitched and weird on DTI, so a screenshot is the best way to ensure your entry looks perfect. ? Thanks for putting this together, Nielo!

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23 hours ago, Robin Hood said:

On my computer, I have to hit the Windows key in addition to PrtScr. Just hitting PrtScr doesn't do anything.

Yeah, not all keyboards will work the same way. I imagine some keyboards will require people to hit the fn (function) key along with the print screen key, and there might be other variations as well. (I hadn't heard of needing to press the Windows key though, so thanks for posting that.)

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I feel I'm lucky that my prtsc button doesn't need an assistant before it will work, because my f5 key does. ? That's quite irritating! It's the only one of the function keys that has only one alloted task, and it can't do it on its own, bless it. It needs an adult.

I very much like the screenshot add-on though. I can't use it ever time, gotta use the key if it's any right-clicky kind of stuff I want to capture, but that's hardly ever so no big deal at all. :D

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