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Neopets Beta: 0.4.7 Release Notes!

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It's time for another Beta update which includes various dailies pages becoming mobile friendly, Customization hub improvements, another Wheels update, a new theme and more!

  • Customization load time and thumbnail update. UC Pets still being worked on.
  • All the Wheels are now Flash free!
  • Mobile Friendly dailies pages like Esophagor, Edna's Quest, Snowager, Symol Hole, Grave Danger, Turmaculus & more.
  • Discovery of Meridell Beta site theme.

Updates should be coming on a more regular basis now that the Altador Cup is over. This should include world maps and more converted games, rumoured to be Faerie Bubbles!

Check out the complete patch notes here

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On 8/6/2021 at 10:20 AM, Sciurus carolinensis said:

Grumpy Old King and Wise Old King save your last entries. Very useful to those still trying to get Skarl to laugh at the Tin of Olives joke for the avatar.

Finally some QOL updates! More of this please.

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Just done Grave Danger, and I've just realised that the fancy frame that your petpet's displayed in now:


Reflects the doorway into the catacombs!


Now that's a level of attention to detail from the artist that pleases me mightily! :D

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