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Happy Koi Day!

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The Toy Koi (that`s kind of fun to say, lol) looks so cute, it`s so fun and colourful, and I love how they went a little creative and different with this one, making it look like a bath toy.

The outfit is beautiful, a tad too much and busy perhaps, there`s a lot going on with it, but it makes perfect sense for the Koi and looks lovely overall.

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I like the idea behhind the Koi colour, but the colour scheme makes me wince a bit! I do like the little wind up key though!

The outfit is cute, but yes very busy and very fussy. And I really wish they would release crowns and wigs as separate items! That crown on it's own would be a gorgeous coral addition to any Water Koi custom, but the wig is something I'd avoid at all costs!!

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