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daily dare trophies out?!


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so. uhmmm. I'm really annoyed right now.

out of curiosity and due to TNT saying something about the rewards for DD being out 'some time early this week' I checked the DD page.
I was greeted with this screen:

ewfuhew - Edited.png

so, yeah. no. this is wrong. I am NOT getting a participation trophy.
- I sent a qualifying score for every game.
- I completed every game + beat abi/AAA on release day of each game.
- I beat AAA 15 times, I got the ava for it to show (at least this.)


so HOW  am I getting a participation trophy? seriously, can TNT do something for ONCE without being completely bugged.
so yeah, now I'm afraid that I'm stuck with this thing. this was my first DD and I was so proud of doing so good...


what am I supposed to do about this?! :( 


EDIT: okay, people are talking about it on the boards too, its not just me. that's a relief, they gotta fix it then. phew :D 

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The day some Neo thing happens without any kind of bug, glitch or delay... the world will end. The universe will collapse in on itself from the shock. ?

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39 minutes ago, Angeló said:

im not visiting the DD page until it's fixed

i dont want to be shocked

Same here, keeping out of the way for now!

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good thinking, @Angeló:D

but it's fixed now I think! I got all the right stuff now. I sent in a ticket a couple of hours ago though. not sure how much that contributed to my stuff being looked at. 

but yeah, at least they did fix their mistake, and quite fast at that :) I'm happy now ~ shiny little silver trophy ♥

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Please tell us what you've gotten! Items and what kind of trophy so we can add it all to the database.

We have gold and participant already figured out.

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