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  1. Ennoshima

    Last to post wins!

    @jellysundae I was about to post a Nyan Cat gif, and had no idea you did until I loaded in here. That's honestly amazing. xD
  2. Hope to be social again here soon -- just dealing with a lot IRL. 💕

  3. Social interaction has been draining too much lately (for personal reasons/reasons I already mentioned publicly 😪) -- so I'm going to take it slow and reply when I feel able enough. I know you guys won't be going anywhere.

    Thank you for being patient and kind to me! 


  4. I just love hearing happy lil things like that -- even more so during times like these! (What's going on in the world/my life to specify a bit more -- everyone has their issues, and I felt I needed to clarify cause my brain ticked into not wanting anyone to feel left out/invalidated)! ^.^ I also just love hearing positive relationships with teachers, there's so many people who don't with their teachers -- and parents don't always go out of their way to become acquainted even with their child's teachers, mostly only during parent-teacher conferences. I had a great relationship with a few of mine, and still even keep in contact with a few! They've been mentors for me, considering the life I led isn't the best, nor were the things I've been through, and currently going through. My parents (mostly my father, since my mom worked a lot for us, my father became disabled at a rather early working age) took great interest in wanting to know my teachers, and even doing the gifts like your family does! I know it can be hard to connect with teachers (both for parent or student), some teachers aren't the best, and the other half of the time is the teachers great, but trying to form a comfortable/appropriate bond can be tricky -- mostly just cause of social norms now, even if even is appropriate in said bond, they still look at it as wrong. (I'm not sure if I worded that correctly, but I hope it's clear enough -- sorry)! My boys are totally the same, and most I know are fine with them being a lil jumpy to greet/get attention -- but it's so hard to let them know that at the moment for everyone's health and safety -- we can't do that. (They're still learning, and boy trying to hold 3 big boys back is hard, we usually leave them in a cool (lots of fans and we got one AC unit just for that room for this reason) back room, they have plenty of water, treats, and toys too -- even though they rarely have accidents, sometimes they get so excited they do try to "mark" things to let their visitors know it's their stuff, but they'd love to share, we have some pads down for them. We check on them constantly while guests are visiting (social distancing, and confirmed "NO" for having the virus, being asymptomatic, or being in contact with someone who has it/someone they were close to had/had it) to make sure the room is still a good temperature, and they still have everything they need). We rarely have visitors anyway just because -- but some of our friends have mental illsues like me, and need some air and a person to see/talk to to keep sane -- so as long as social distancing and physical distancing/confirmed for not being a risk to others with COVID, I don't fully see a problem with it. They're also only a few minutes away, and will travel by car to make the trip a bit more safe/less exposure to anything. I got to be a sub teacher, and a helper in younger classes myself! It was in between times with my Mythology and Forensic Science studies. Sometimes things got overwhelming, and I put my name in as a contact if they needed someone. I was able to fit it in between my classes/school work, and was also granted a few extensions if I happened to be in helping for a longer than expected time. (Hey, things happen)! I was also just a home "teacher", I use that term a bit lightly because it was more so helping school all the younger ones in my family while babysitting! I don't think I'd ever be able to become a full teacher, just for the reasons you mentioned -- but being an assistant teacher is still very good! Depending on the route I decide to fully take -- if I get really good in my Mythology stuff, I could become a teacher easier for that subject -- right now it's mostly a big interest/for fun class/a just in case my Forensic Science dreams don't work out like I want. (Nothing negative btw, I just like having an alternative route, cause the future is never set)! I hope so too, and maybe just a bit because this reply was lengthier than my usual lately! (I know I'm not fully recovered in any way, so I know not to beat myself up if I revert back to short replies).
  5. Ennoshima

    Last to post wins!

    @jellysundae Yishhh! I shall happily eat the ramen! ----
  6. Aww, reading that made me smile! I'm really happy your daughter had such a great surprise! My boyfriend usually takes over too, sometimes I'll be able to just chat freely, but it just really depends. I also really love the lil gifts you had ready for her teacher -- if I was a teacher myself, I would of totally been happy to receive those! (I know my replies have been extremely short lately -- I'm still not back to my "normal" self -- eventually though)!
  7. How cute!! I haven't seen one of those lil guys (and the paint brush versions) in such a while!
  8. Hey, welcome to the forums! I made a new account myself in 2018 after so many years, and it seems more people are returning since most of us are stuck at home. ♥
  9. I joined here too for the same reason. ^^; I tried to get the avatars doing whatever on the boards, and even that was a lil too much for me. I feel it's nicer here imo.
  10. Welcome to the forums, and hello! I also joined the forums a bit ago -- trying to find a way to be social easily, and just in general.
  11. Ennoshima

    Last to post wins!

    I want Ramen now... xD
  12. @Mouseykins Thank you so much. ♥ I'm still struggling -- but just trying to keep as positive as I can during it all. My anxiety has been off the rails again as well. I distracted myself a bit yesterday by making my own Rose Water, so that's something.
  13. Hi all. ♥

    My replies to things will probably be very slow -- I've been feeling extremely sick lately and bad mood shifts. (Just a quick update).

    1. jellysundae


      We're holding space for you. 🌻

    2. Ennoshima


      My face lit up reading that -- thank you!! 💗

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