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  1. Sweet lil pop-up today! ;-;


  2. Got my profile/signature a lil ready for Autumn/Halloween!


    1. Tedhaun


      May as well join in on this Halloween profile change train as well. Profile pic, display name, signature (in the works), everything.

  3. Long time no see. I've been struggling horribly with my anxiety and other mental issues -- so my replies are still going to be horribly slow. ^^;
  4. I have to make a reminder for myself to start washing again, like everyone else -- I fell off doing it as well. Good luck to all n good luck to me, hehe.
  5. Ennoshima

    Ctrl-V Game

    !farm harvest (Guess I was playing a Discord version of Pokemon, hehe).
  6. I'm late -- but welcome back! This post has been edited by a member of staff (Duma) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Per the reason above, please review our SPAM rules.
  7. Welcome back! Hope you and your family are/will be safe and well!
  8. I haven't been online lately -- here or Neopets, thank you for making me aware of the cuppycake! I really love the Bluebell Flower!
  9. Oh noooo. I've had this happen so many times, too.
  10. @jellysundae I was about to post a Nyan Cat gif, and had no idea you did until I loaded in here. That's honestly amazing. xD
  11. Hope to be social again here soon -- just dealing with a lot IRL. 💕

  12. Social interaction has been draining too much lately (for personal reasons/reasons I already mentioned publicly 😪) -- so I'm going to take it slow and reply when I feel able enough. I know you guys won't be going anywhere.

    Thank you for being patient and kind to me! 


  13. I just love hearing happy lil things like that -- even more so during times like these! (What's going on in the world/my life to specify a bit more -- everyone has their issues, and I felt I needed to clarify cause my brain ticked into not wanting anyone to feel left out/invalidated)! ^.^ I also just love hearing positive relationships with teachers, there's so many people who don't with their teachers -- and parents don't always go out of their way to become acquainted even with their child's teachers, mostly only during parent-teacher conferences. I had a great relationship with a few
  14. @jellysundae Yishhh! I shall happily eat the ramen! ----
  15. Aww, reading that made me smile! I'm really happy your daughter had such a great surprise! My boyfriend usually takes over too, sometimes I'll be able to just chat freely, but it just really depends. I also really love the lil gifts you had ready for her teacher -- if I was a teacher myself, I would of totally been happy to receive those! (I know my replies have been extremely short lately -- I'm still not back to my "normal" self -- eventually though)!
  16. How cute!! I haven't seen one of those lil guys (and the paint brush versions) in such a while!
  17. Hey, welcome to the forums! I made a new account myself in 2018 after so many years, and it seems more people are returning since most of us are stuck at home. ♥
  18. I joined here too for the same reason. ^^; I tried to get the avatars doing whatever on the boards, and even that was a lil too much for me. I feel it's nicer here imo.
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