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  1. Hello! I feel like it has been 3 years since I was on here. Guess what? I made my last appearance barely a year ago. That just blows my mind. My life has been absolute chaos since I last stopped by. Everything is settling down again and I realized how much I miss you guys. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Sincerely, Babayaga Edit : Just checked my stocks. My SMUG increase was 3,260% good day
  2. I love Digimon! Lilymon was my favorite for a long time, but Garurumon will always have a special place in my heart. I also had the original Digimon game for the Playstation. I still have the disc, but I haven't hooked up my little gray PS in several years. My Digimon disc is so scratched that you would never think that it would play, but it does not skip or lag at all. I miss the little black back gaming discs. They didn't stop playing until you broke the disc into multiple pieces. These days you put one tiny scratch on the mirrored back of any CD, DVD or gaming disc and *poot* no more entertainment for you! Matt was my favorite of the human characters from season 1. I did watch season 2, but I don't remember it as well since the game was about season one.
  3. This little guy is what I used my first ever FFQ quest on :) I had created a random neopet a while ago and used him for a few avatars, but always planned on turning him. The name roughly translates to Bringer of Death (supposedly). Thank you @Granny63020 for the beautiful portal in his background!
  4. I was hoping for more of a cotton candy look for the Jubjub, but I am pleased that they at least used two different types of candy to make him. I think that today was a great day for Jubjubs. That outfit makes me want a Jubjub almost enough to find one to adopt, but I am not ready for another pet right now. I am bookmarking that outfit for future consideration. So they can make glove looking shoes for the Jubjub, but we still have to pretend that two normal looking shoes magically turn into one sock for a Hissi? Neopet logic is beyond me.
  5. @Naamah I am so sorry to hear about that. My cat died a few years ago from kidney cancer. I remember being very frustrated because the vet told us that if we had had a dog they could've done a chemo treatment, but cats can't handle it. Are they able to remove the infected part of the liver as @Mouseykins mentioned? I remember hearing that you can take almost 80% of a human liver out and it can regrow itself. I don't know if cat livers are the same. Your cat is 11 years old. I am sure that you have spent a lot of great times with it. I hope that you guys can find a treatment to help it out so that you can spend several more years together.
  6. I do it on purpose though. I only very recently changed out my main pet from my Christmas pet to my brand new Mutant Poogle. I am already tweaking the X-mas outfit for this coming holiday season. I do really love Christmas though. It is just so pretty :)
  7. Confratulations! I am sending best wishes via this message since I don't actually know you in real life.
  8. I finally got a FFQ! I was able to get my Mutant Poogle for the price of one red morphing potion! That's 4,500 vs 7,000,000 (last time I checked). Yesterday @Granny63020 gave me a portal for my dream pet, and today I got the little demon :) My problem is that I can't customize anything. I also can't see maps. I had to Google "neopets rainbow fountain" to get a direct link to it. It has been a long time since I have used the actual maps on the main site. TDN has all of the links that I need. Now I want to customize my pets and I realized that I really can't. There is just a big white space. None of the gray squares, or any other colored square. I would say it's a lonely snowman, but for all I know it could be a massive herd of angry snowmen getting ready to attack Zygon style. All I see is whatever border I chosen with a bunch of white in the middle. I am using Chrome on Windows 8.
  9. Well, I am going to be Captain Obvious here for you @Angeló, no one has any idea. Not one person on this site, admin or otherwise has any idea. Guess what? Neither do I. I am curious if it possible though. I would like to get around to personalizing my Gallery one day, and setting up different themes would be cool. I thought that it would be very sad to be lost into the oblivion of TDN forums with absolutely zero responses. I wanted to let you know that someone cares, even if they can't help.
  10. Even with the "click ten times" feature it still took about 3 minutes for me to donate 10 items (all those slow animations and having to load six different screens). Come on Neo! That is turtle speed compared to quick stock. I might not be able to get all of the boons that I want just because I don't have time to click all 12,000 items I want to donate. I raspberry at you!
  11. @jellysundae If you donate 10 items of the same rarity block it does not matter what the point value is supposed to be, she will always count ti as 10. If you throw in an item from another point block then she magically learns how to count correctly.
  12. Wraith and Stealth - Yes and Yes. The outfit... Rain boots? Hissi don't have feet. If it is a Hissi exclusive item why can't they be honest and draw a pointy sock for the thumbnail picture? They really aren't fooling anyone here.
  13. I need help finding a King Kelpbeard Plushie. Please and Thank you!
  14. I am looking for a Baby Charm. JN has them listed at 390,000. I am willing to pay more than that. Please and Thank You.
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